BREAKING: Rep Omar Paid Her New Husband's Consulting Firm Almost $1 Million Since 2018

According to new bombshell filings from the Federal Election Commission, far-left Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to her new husband's consulting firm since 2018.

The filings show that Omar paid Tim Mynett $292,814 in 2020 and nearly $900,000 in total since 2018 for "advertising and research services."


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The payments from Omar were first brought to light in a complaint from Tim Mynett's wife at the time, Beth Mynett, who accused Omar of having an affair with her husband. Omar was also married at the time to a different man who she has since then divorced.

Instead of owning up to her suspisious activity and her affair, Omar is blaming "rightwing Twitter trolls." In a Twitter post, Omar claimed, “Everything we spend is used for a legitimate expense and paid at fair market value.”

According to those in the legal field, hiring family members for campaign purposes should not be allowed.

“It should not be allowed,” said former chief ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush White House Richard W. Painter.

He continued: “I think it’s a horrible idea to allow it, given the amount of money that goes into these campaigns from special interests.”

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According to Beth Mynett, her now ex-husband Tim Mynett said he was “nearly broke” because of his “floundering business.”

“There’s a long line of abuses in this regard where members of Congress will hire family members and pay their family members to do ‘campaign work’ in order to supplement the family income,” said political law expert Cleta Mitchell.

Omar is not only notorious for her potentially corrupt political behavior, but she is also well known for her radical-left rhetoric.

While speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Omar called for the "dismantling" of the United States "economy and political system."

"As long as our economy and political systems prioritize profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequality," Omar said.

"So we can not stop at criminal justice system," she continued. "We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it."

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WATCH the clip below:

Omar has been the most radical on the far-left when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement and dismantling America's law enforcement.

During a rally last month, Omar said, "I will never stop saying: Not only do we need to disinvest from police, but we need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department," she said. "The Minneapolis Police Department is rotten to the root. And so, when we dismantle it, we get rid of that cancer, and we allow for something beautiful to arise, and that reimagining allows us to figure out what public safety looks like for us."

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