BREAKING: Trump Lawyer Embarrasses Democrats By Showing Their Heavily-Edited Trump Clips In Full Context

All week, House Democrat Impeachment managers have been playing heavily-edited clips of President Trump to make it appear like he was calling for violence during his January 6th speech.

They chopped and spliced dozens of videos from that day and took Trump out of context on several occasions. To the uninformed viewer, it would appear persuasive.

However, Trump lawyer David Schoen just completely debunked their edited clips in methodical fashion. This is horrible news for Democrats.

Earlier in the week, the Democrat House Impeachment Managers heavily edited a clip of Trump saying “you have to get your people to fight”.

However, there was key context that the Democrats completely left out of the video.

“One of the House managers made much of the President’s supposedly ominous words of ‘you have to get your people to fight’, Schoen began.

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But you knew what the President really meant. He meant that the crowd should demand action from members of Congress and support primary challenges to those who don’t do what he considered to be right. Support primary challenges, not violent action. I know what he meant, because I watched the full video, and so did the House managers. But they manipulated his words. You will see where they stopped it, and to give it a very different meaning from the meaning it has in full context. Let’s watch!” he adds before playing the video.

Watch below:

Schoen then plays a side-by-side comparison of the edited video next to the video in full context.

“You have to get your people to fight…he told them,” a House manager deceivingly says on the video montage.

Then, the video cuts to the edited clip that Democrats played.

“You have to get your people to fight! And if they don’t fight, we have to primary the hell out of the ones that don’t fight. You primary ’em. We’re going to let you know who they are! I can already tell you, frankly,” Trump says in the video which provides full context.

“The people who ‘need to fight’ are members of congress”, Schoen said after the clip finished playing.

“Why did we have to skip the necessary due diligence and due process of law that any legal proceeding should have?” Schoen added.

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