Brett Favre Speaks Out, Blasts Olympic Games For Allowing Transgender Athletes

During his podcast, legendary former NFL quarterback Brett Favre blasted the Olympics decision to allow transgender athletes in the upcoming Olympic Games.

Earlier this week, it was announced that former men’s weightlifter Laurel Hubbard would be allowed to compete in the Games as a woman for New Zealand.

“It’s a man competing as a woman,” correctly asserted, adding: “That’s unfair.”

“If I was a true female — I can’t believe I’m saying that — and I was competing in weightlifting and lost to this person, I would be beside myself,” said Favre.

“It’s not fair for a man, even if this person wants to be a woman or feels compelled — if you want to become the opposite sex, that’s fine. I got no problem with it. But you can’t compete against — males cannot compete against females,” he continued.

Favre also commented on transgender BMX Freestyle rider Chelsea Wolfe who once said they wanted to burn the American flag on the Olympics podium.

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“I wouldn’t have her participate in my Olympics; go participate for somebody else. To say that is such a slap in our country’s face. I can’t believe this person can be allowed to participate for our country,” Favre said.

“My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium,” Wolfe once said on Facebook while reacting to former President Trump’s position on trans women competing against biological females in sports. “This is what they focus on during a pandemic. Hurting trans children,”

Wolfe, who has since deleted the post, is claiming that this is not proof of their hatred for America. Wolfe is clearly confused in more ways than one.

“Anyone who thinks that I don’t care about the United States is sorely mistaken,” Wolfe told Fox News. “One of the reasons why I work so hard to represent the United States in international competition is to show the world that this country has morals and values, that it’s not all of the bad things that we’re known for. I take a stand against fascism because I care about this country, and I’m not going to let it fall into the hands of fascists after so many people have fought and sacrificed to prevent fascism from taking hold abroad. As a citizen who wants to be proud of my home country, I’m sure as hell not going to let it take hold here.”

Olympic medalist Sharron Davies is also not a fan of the Olympics decision to allow biological males to participate in the women’s events.

“We have men & women’s separate competition [for] a BIG reason, biology in sport matters,” Davies posted in a tweet. “Separate categories give females equal opportunities of sporting success.”

The swimmer continued that “the average age of a female Olympic weightlifter is 23,” while “Laurel Hubbard is 43. 30% unfair advantage! Sex not gender [for] sport.”

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