BRUTAL: Biden Gets Raked Over The Coals On Twitter After Ordering Air Strikes On Syria

On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden further undermined the accomplishments of Donald J. Trump by dialing up an airstrike on Syria, just over five weeks after his installation into the White House.

Biden’s authorization of the bombings against Iranian targets was an early sign that the four years of peace under Trump are officially over.


Biden’s airstrikes come at a time when his activist base is beginning to realize that they’ve been misled over pre-election promises of a $15 minimum wage and erasing student loan debt. To add fuel to the fire, it appears those $2,000 checks are nowhere in sight.

But liberals can take solace that Biden’s bombing of brown people took place under the cover of diversity with new Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a black former Raytheon lobbyist calling the shots at the Pentagon.

Soon after the news of the strikes broke, Biden was carpet-bombed on Twitter:

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With the strikes, Biden has shown that unlike his pro-American predecessor, his focus will be on escalating the foreign conflicts that were absent during Trump’s presidency.

Rather than dealing with problems at home including the COVID crisis, a reeling economy, and a nation divided as never before, Biden is focusing on his own interests.

Trump’s legacy of no war during his historic presidency along with the Middle East peace breakthroughs thanks to diplomacy has quickly been discarded now that the Biden and the warmongers are back in control of U.S. policy.

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