It wasn’t just the DOJ and its attempts to boost Biden by raiding Trump that Hannity discussed on his show yesterday, though he did a good job discussing that with Trump’s lawyer. He also had on Sen. Josh Hawley, who ripped into Biden for wielding law enforcement like a political club and attempting to intimidate the political opposition with it.

Speaking on that, Hawley used examples of the criminal chaos spreading around the country to show that Team Biden and the other leftist hacks running things care not about law and order, but rather just about using LEOs to enforce their political agenda and wield power. In his words:

Absolutely, Sean, and we’re seeing it unfold in real-time. What we’re seeing is an administration that cares nothing about the rule of law. They only care about abusing it. The only time they’re interested in law enforcement is when they can use it against their political opponents, especially Donald Trump or anybody who supported Donald Trump.

And what we’re seeing is an effort by this president to use law enforcement, to abuse law enforcement to try to criminalize, basically, the political opposition, which is half the country. It is unprecedented in our history, Sean, and it is extremely, extremely dangerous. Meantime, you’ve got people like this killer in Memphis, we’re seeing shooting sprees, we’re seeing murders, we’re seeing carjackings all across the country. Biden DoJ won’t lift a finger to do anything about the crime spree that is hurting and killing Americans, but they’ve got all the time in the world to target their political opponents.

Indeed. Memphis, Chicago, and Detroit might be more dangerous than Baghdad (to speak figuratively), but the left couldn’t care a bit about that. All it cares about is cracking down on the opposition in an attempt to intimidate conservatives and maintain power.

Exemplifying that yesterday was MSNBC’s Elie Mystal, who responded with glee to the news of Steve Bannon’s arrest and was obviously happy at the idea that blue state hacks are locking up Trump allies. In his words:

“They’ve got him dead to rights on this. It’s a very strong case. I absolutely expect him to be convicted. And this is something that we’ve seen from New York state before. The new district attorney Alvin Bragg, this is I think the second Trump crony that he’s going after who had previously been pardoned by the President.

“So, again, we’ve got people who are already in significant legal trouble that Donald Trump tried to get off the hook. Now state governments, New York state in this case, are coming up behind, cleaning up that Trumpian mess. I absolutely expect Steve Bannon to face the full effects of legal accountability.

That glee, that bright smile at the idea of the opposition being locked up, is what the GOP is facing. At least Hawley is calling it out and, if the GOP regains the Senate, might be willing to do something about it.

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