Cheney Reveals If She’ll Resign, Says Trump Has ‘No Role As The Leader Of Our Party’

Wyoming Republican officials overwhelmingly voted in favor of censuring Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) and called on her to resign.

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During an interview on Fox News, Cheny told host Chris Wallace that she will not be stepping down after being censured.

Cheney also argued that former President Donald Trump no longer has a role in the party as a leader.

“I’m not,” declared Cheney, after Wallace asked if she would resign per the state party’s request.

“I think people all across Wyoming understand and recognize that our most important duty is to the Constitution,” she said. “As I’ve explained and will continue to explain to supporters all across the state — voters all across the state — the oath that I took to the Constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment.”

“It doesn’t bend to partisanship, it doesn’t bend to political pressure,” added Cheney. “It’s the most important oath that we take, and so I will stand by that, and I will continue to fight for all of the issues that matter so much to us all across Wyoming.”

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Wallace then asked Cheney: “Is this still the party of Donald Trump, and does Marjorie Taylor Greene still hold a solid place in that party?”

“We are the party of Abraham Lincoln. We are the party of Ronald Reagan,” Cheney replied.

“We have to really take a hard look at who we are and what we stand for, and what we believe in. I think when you look at both his actions leading up to what happened on January 6th, the fact that he was impeached in a bipartisan fashion, the fact that he lost the presidency, the fact that we lost the senate. We have to be in a position where we can say we stand for principle. We stand for ideals,” she added.

She continued: “Somebody who has provoked an attack on the United States Capitol to prevent the counting of electoral votes.”

“Which resulted in five people dying, who refused to stand up immediately when he was asked to stop the violence, that is a person who does not have a role as the leader of our party going forward,” she said.


According to a new poll from a pro-Trump Super PAC, Cheney’s popularity has taken a major hit since her impeachment vote against Trump.

Almost 75% of Republican voters in Wyoming, and just over 60% of voters overall, expressed a negative opinion of Cheney in a poll carried out by pollster John McLaughlin.

“Liz Cheney’s decision to vote to impeach President Trump makes her extremely vulnerable,” McLaughlin said about the results. “It is evident her ratings are in bad shape among general election voters and have collapsed among Republicans and Trump voters.”

Cheney said Trump “summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack.”

She added that “there has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States of his office and his oath to the constitution.”

Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz delivered an impassioned speech earlier this month on the House floor, saying Democrats have incited “far more political violence” in the United States than Republicans.

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“Make no mistake, the Left in America has incited far more political violence than the Right,” the Florida Republican said.

“For months, our cities burned, police stations burned, our businesses were shattered, and they said nothing. Or they cheer-led for it and fundraised for it, and they allowed it to happen in the greatest country in the world.”

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