Chicago Lawyers Admit Lightfoot Discriminated Against White Reporters, But “Only” For Two Days

We have a new standard on discrimination in 2021 America, and it’s been imposed by the left.

No longer are we a colorblind nation striving to project and defend equality in part through tireless crusading against racism.

Today we are a nation of selective racism, according to the left, but it’s a racism that is meant to combat racism, even if there was no actual racism to begin with.

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If you’re confused, you’re not alone.

You may have heard in recent weeks that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is black and who is a professional race gaslighter, announced that on her two-year anniversary, she would not grant any interviews to white journalists. Only ‘journalists of color’ need apply.

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Naturally, Americans who care about the Constitution, our rule of law, and the future of our multiracial, multiethnic society were outraged by the mere suggestion, let alone the fact that she meant it planned to go through with it. Indeed, that’s why some of them have filed legal action against her.

But as The Daily Caller notes, that legal action isn’t necessary, see, because what Lightfoot engaged in was just temporary racism. Thus, somehow, that makes it all okay:

Attorneys for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are arguing that a preliminary injunction against her for racial discrimination is unnecessary because she only racially discriminated against reporters for a strict two-day period.

Lightfoot is being sued by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) and Judicial Watch for not granting an interview to DCNF reporter Thomas Catenacci, who is white. In their most recent court filing, Lightfoot’s attorneys state that her policy of only granting interviews to journalists of color was in place for a specific two-day window, and therefore their request for a preliminary injunction is moot.

In the days approaching her two-year anniversary as Mayor of Chicago, local reporters announced that Lightfoot’s office was only granting one-on-one interviews to black and brown journalists. Catenacci contacted Lightfoot’s office on three separate occasions over a five-day span in May and was not granted an interview, prompting the lawsuit from DCNF with the help of Judicial Watch.

Did you catch that? Yeah, sure, it’s racism, got it. But it was only a couple of days.

In reviewing civil rights statutes and the various constitutional amendments and sections banning racial discrimination and mandating equal treatment under the law, no one around her found a racism timeframe. According to the language of our founding document and its subsequent amendments, there is a no-fooling, not-ever prohibition on discrimination, 24/7/365. Ditto for the civil rights statutes.

So, Lightfoot’s attorneys can’t really be making that argument — can they?

They can, and they are.

“As announced by the Mayor in the May 19 letter invoked by Plaintiffs, the conduct was ‘on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of [her] inauguration’ as Mayor,” said the filing from Lightfoot’s attorneys. “For these reasons, counsel indicated that Plaintiffs’ request for preliminary injunctive relief is moot, as the challenged conduct is not continuing.”

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Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, obviously read the same constitutional and statutory passages that we did.

“Mayor Lightfoot’s office today shockingly confirmed to a federal court that she discriminates on the basis of race in the conduct of her public office,” he said in a press release. “This racism is blatantly unconstitutional.”

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