Chris Matthews Ratchets Up Attacks On Bernie, Accuses Him Of Buying Votes

The establishment attacks on Bernie Sanders continue to intensify as the Vermont senator builds momentum heading into a crucial stretch of the primaries. 

Now that the socialist monster that they helped to create has escaped the laboratory and is on a rampage, those who would face its wrath if Bernie somehow gets elected are desperate to stop him. 


One of them is MSNBC's excitable Chris Matthews who has been blasting Sanders and his cult-like followers for weeks and like many of his fellow pundits, has put their faith in billionaire Michael Bloomberg. 

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The host of "Hardball" is now clapping back at critics who accuse Bloomberg of buying the nomination by claiming that the 78-year-old revolutionary is also buying votes through his promises of free stuff to young people including free college tuition. 

He made the claim during a segment with Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Sanders prior to the big Dem debate who was decrying the former New York City mayor's massive ad buys. 

Per Matthews:

Ok, if I'm in college right now and I have student loans that got me through college, if somebody came along and said I'm gonna pay off all your student loans and what else?

If your going to a public university, I'm paying all your tuition.  

is that buying votes? Sounds like it. 


The longtime Democrat has been taking a flamethrower to Bernie and his suggestion that much of Bernie's success can be attributed to bribing voters will likely end up in one of those Bloomberg ads at some point, or even more likely, one for the Trump campaign. 

Matthews also recently unloaded on the barely-closeted communist by calling out his fellow contestants for the nomination for not calling Bernie on his B.S. and predicting that if Sanders wins the nomination, that Dems will lose 49 states. 

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Via The Washington Examiner, "'Bernie, you're full of it': Chris Matthews rips Sanders as possible Democratic nominee":

MSNBC host Chris Matthews continued his criticism of socialism on Tuesday, attacking independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Matthews initially chided the other Democratic candidates for not taking aim at Sanders's belief system, saying, "Nobody just says the obvious: ‘Bernie, you're full of it. None of this is going to get passed. You're going to be a miserable president, frustrated from the first day because you're not going to get Medicare for All. You're not going to get free college tuition for public universities. You're not going to get payoffs of all student loans. None of this is going to happen, and you're just going to sit there and stew in it,'" Matthews said. "So, why don't they bring that up? I do not understand why they don't bring that up."

He later added that Democratic candidates are "pandering" to Sanders supporters to garner necessary support in the general election.

"They're just pandering to the Bernie people, and you know what pandering gets you? Nothing," Matthews said. "They've got to get out there and say, ‘I disagree with socialism. I believe in the markets. I think he's wrong. I think he'll never get it done, and this country will never go that direction, and, by the way, we'll lose 49 states.'"

Suffice it to say that unlike Barack Obama, Comrade Bernie isn't exactly sending a thrill up Matthews' leg.