Liberal Fox News Host Chris Wallace Tells Biden to “Build a Wall”

On Friday during a radio show, Democrat Fox News anchor Chris Wallace turned heads when he called on President Joe Biden to build a border wall along the southern border in response to the ongoing crisis.

If only someone else had come up with this brilliant idea before?

The comments from Wallace came while he was recapping a press conference from Biden on Friday, stating that instead of casting the blame on U.S. Border Patrol agents, Biden should be focusing on America’s immigration policy “and the fact that 15,000 people came across this dam into Del Rio and then … had to spend days, more than a week, in squalor under this bridge.”

“I mean, to me, that is the real shame here, is our immigration policy and that it allows people to come over, it doesn’t just stop them,” Wallace said. “And that’s what I think the real focus ought to be on. Yes, the horse story, the Border Patrol, CBP on horseback has become a story. I happen to think it’s bad. Forget the whipping for a second — and I understand that’s one of the allegations, and there doesn’t seem to be true. And the president shouldn’t have talked about strapping as he did, because that’s another word for whipping. I don’t think that the Border Patrol, they ought to be able to find a way to keep people from coming across the border. Build a fence.”

“A wall maybe?” radio host Guy Benson questioned.

“Yeah, I was going to say build a fence, build a wall, have some kind of a gate so they can’t walk across that dam over the Rio Grande into Del Rio,” Wallace replied.

Wallace, being the liberal that he is, said that he thought the Border Patrol riding on horses was “offensive,” but Benson fired back, stating, “Police departments use horses in crowd control in the United States.”

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“I think that we’re missing the point, which is, the real problem here is that it was allowed to happen because of the negligence of the Biden border policy,” Wallace continued. “I mean, here’s the problem I have with Biden talking about a more humane policy, so, they say, we’re going to have a more humane policy, we’re going to roll back remain in Mexico and the result of rolling back remain in Mexico is that it entices, it says to people trying to come across illegally, and illegally is a big deal, that it’s okay to come across the border and if you have to wait for weeks or months or years, in some cases to have your your immigration hearing, you’ll be able to do it from the comfort of being in the United States.”

“I think it actually would be more humane to say to them, no, don’t come over,” Wallace said. “Don’t be huddled under the bridge, stay in Mexico or don’t come up at all, because I think this half door open policy is creating a lot of problems that that a stricter policy wouldn’t.”


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