Clay Travis Nails It: Dems Getting A Taste of Their Own ‘Cancel Culture’ Medicine

Outkick founder Clay Travis took a victory lap on Wednesday after several Hollywood celebrities have been complaining about cancel culture.

The irony is that many of these same Hollywood lefties — like Chrissy Teigen — have spent years trashing people like Trump supporters but now they are canceled for comments they have made.

During an interview on Fox News, Travis spoke about the “woke revolution” turning on itself now.

Below is a partial transcript of the exchange, via Grabien:

KILMEADE: “All right guys. Cancel culture hitting Hollywood hard as even celebrities cannot escape it.”

EARHARDT: “Charles Barkley claims that he can’t have fun anymore as he slams his bosses at T&T, while Kevin Hart speaks out again after his cancellation over his past tweets and Chrissy Teigen is now apologizing after backlash over her cyber bullying.”

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DOOCY: “Joining us right now with reaction is OutKick founder Clay Travis. Clay, good morning to you.”

TRAVIS: “The woke monster has escaped, and nobody is safe.”

DOOCY: “That’s right, because once upon a time it seemed like they were just going after people on the political right, but now, it’s like OK, we chewed all of those people up, let’s turn on the political left. Nobody is safe.”

TRAVIS: “It reminds me if you guys watched the show back in the day of the smoke monster on Lost, you know, that would just kind of run rampage over the island and if it grabbed you, you were done for pretty much. This is what happens to all revolutions. And make no mistake, we have been in the middle for the past several years of a woke revolution. Eventually, the revolution guys turns on itself. You saw it going all the way back historically, what happened with the French revolution? They started all of the revolutionaries themselves, Chrissy Teigen was one of the people out there leading the charge on cancel culture. Turns out now she’s starting to get canceled herself, and what I believe we need to see, I really do believe this is what needs to happen. Comedians need to stand up regardless of what their political backgrounds are. Use Kevin Hart as an example. If you can’t go into a comedy club, and make a joke for fear of somebody pulling out their cell phone or go on to a college campus and somebody deconstructing your joke and deciding that it’s offensive, we have lost this battle.”

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“And so I think creative people and I think you’re starting to see it from comedians, need to start punching back and say, ‘You know what? If you’re offended by a joke, that’s your problem, you’re a loser.,'” Travis added.

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“We need to stand up for the First Amendment, we need to stand up for creativity in this country, we can’t cancel people over jokes,” he concluded.

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