CNBC Releases List of ‘Worst States’ to Live: It’s Obvious Why They’re On It

The left-wing media just can’t get enough of tripping over itself to trash what amounts to more than half the electorate when you get right down to it.

Because were that not true, then there would be a lot more trust in mainstream outlets.

Out of the blue and perhaps because it was CNBC’s turn, the network decided to publish a list of “worst states to live in,” and of course, its criteria was dubious to say the least.

Because CNBC is left-wing, you can probably already guess which states are ‘the worst’ — and they don’t include actual worst states in terms of things that matter like high taxes, high costs, low quality of life scores (homelessness, crime, etc.) — think New York, California, New Jersey, and Illinois, to name a few.

No, CNBC thinks the worst states to live in are the red ones — states that are actually driving our country’s post-COVID economic recovery.

CNBC reports:

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To rank America’s Top States for Business in 2021, CNBC scored all 50 states on 85 metrics in 10 broad categories of competitiveness. Each category is weighted based on how frequently states use them as a selling point in economic development marketing materials. That way, our study ranks the states based on the attributes they use to sell themselves. We developed our criteria and metrics in consultation with a diverse array of business and policy experts, and the states. Our study is not an opinion survey.

That last sentence is dubious.

That’s because the outlet “began considering how adequately states protect their citizens from ‘discrimination’ in its ‘Life, Health, and Inclusion’ category — which represents 15% of the total score,” The Daily Wire reported.

The bottom 10 states are:

  1. Arizona
  2. Texas
  3. Nevada
  4. Missouri
  5. Tennessee
  6. Georgia
  7. Alabama
  8. Arkansas
  9. Louisiana
  10. Indiana

Eight of those states are run by GOP legislatures and governors; two — Louisiana and Nevada — have Democratic governors but sizeable Republican voting bases.

The network’s ranking in this category are explicitly partisan, as in entirely left-wing, as indicated in the network’s explanation of why Georgia made the list:

Georgia’s sweeping new voting restrictions set the tone for similar legislation across the country — and for the business backlash that followed, with Major League Baseball pulling this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta. The state ranks 49th in an index of voting difficulty calculated by researchers at Northern Illinois University. Proponents of the new law note that the Peach State allows no-excuse absentee voting while President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware does not. But the broad crackdown on supposed election fraud — despite no evidence that fraud occurred in 2020 — has drawn widespread scorn in the business world. Georgia also has no statewide protections against discrimination.

Tennessee is ranked low because Republicans there dare to want to protect the rights of women and the integrity of women’s sports — both of which Democrats used to champion for decades.

So, which states are in the top 10? Many that are barely average in terms of their overall functionality and economic prowess:

  1. Vermont — 42nd overall
  2. Hawaii — 49th overall
  3. North Dakota — 18th overall
  4. Minnesota — 7th overall
  5. Iowa — 20th overall
  6. Maine — 48th overall
  7. Washington — 9th overall
  8. Massachusetts — 14th overall
  9. Nebraska — 13th overall
  10. New Jersey — 26th overall

We’re not surprised, mind you. This is just the latest example of the left-wing media working to hide the hypocrisies and the failures of Democratic policies.

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