CNN Editor Tries Mocking Trump Over Coronavirus, Gets Absolutely Destroyed

On Monday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to repeat his common viewpoint that borders are necessary to have a safe and clean country.

“THIS IS WHY WE NEED BORDERS!” President Trump tweeted, referring to the coronavirus and how, if we had more secure borders, the virus wouldn't have been as easily spread.


Early on, President Trump decided to secure America's borders by banning travel from countries infested with the Chinese coronavirus. The move saved many lives.

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Anti-Trump CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza however failed to see President Trump's point considering he tried mocking the President on Twitter. It backfired big time.

“Viruses don’t, uh, recognize borders," Cillizza said while responding to President Trump's tweet.

The tweet backfired immediately.

“How do you think viruses cross borders, Chris?” said Human Events managing editor Ian Miles Cheong.

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“Cillizza’s hot take is ‘viruses don’t recognize borders’ as countries around the world are temporarily closing their borders,” said Daily Caller social media manager Logan Hall.

Many more jumped in.

“Viruses, uh, are transmitted by human beings,” said Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy.

“The curve of media intelligence has been flattened,” comedian Dave Cooperman joked.

“Cillizza thinks that this is a good point? People who carry viruses do, however, respond to checkpoints and border security," said Mark Hemingway, a senior writer with RealClearInvestigations.

Almost all medical experts agree that closing down borders is one of the most effective ways to limit the spread of highly contageous viruses.

Senator Ted Cruz also hammered Cillizza, asking: “Then why are counties all over the planet closing their borders?”

He also added: “So was it good or bad that the US halted flights in and out of China?”

What Cillizza failed to recognize is that the virus did come across America's borders from Asian and European countries, infecting over 45,000 and killing more than 500 in the United States alone.

On Friday, President Trump announced that he would be implementing more travel restrictions: “We are working closely with Mexico and closely with Canada. Our relationship has never been better. We are working for the same goal. Our nation’s top healthcare and officials are concerned of the great public health consequences of mass uncontrolled cross border movement."

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“Every week we encountered thousands of unscreened and unvetted of entries from dozens of countries and we had this problem for decades, for decades,” he added.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo added: “We have taken two important steps. President Trump announced on Wednesday, the United States and Canada jointly agreed to restrict non-essential traffic across our borders, it goes into effect at midnight and excludes crossing the border unless for work or other essential reasons,” Pompeo said. “The United States and Mexico have [also] agreed to restrict non-essential travels across our shared borders. Both our countries know the importance of working together to limit the strength of the virus. Commerce continues to keep flowing.”

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