CNN'S Chris Cuomo Suggests Trump Wants Elderly People To Die To Save The Economy

Trump Derangement Syndrome and the coronavirus are a potent combination and there is nowhere that is a better example than on CNN. 

The once respectable cable news titan has degenerated into a 24/7 transmission channel of sedition, conspiracy theories, Democrat town halls and wanton lunacy spewed by an all-star team of Trump-hating crackpots. 


One of those who is exploiting the national crisis to the hilt is host Chris Cuomo, the younger brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who is being eyed by many as the party's great hope of retaking the White House. 

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According to "Fredo," President Trump would prefer that elderly people who he refers to as the "greatest generation" be sacrificed and allowed to die if it means that there will be a restoration of the economy before the Democrats approve. 

As one of the network's most consistently unhinged voices, young Cuomo's opinion on anything should viewed as clearly biased on behalf of the political aspirations of his big brother who by virtue of the virus, has become second only to Joe Biden as a national voice of the Democrats. 

This is truly nauseating but hey, it's CNN. 

Via The Washington Examiner, "'Just say it': CNN's Chris Cuomo says Trump OK with elderly dying to protect economy":

CNN host Chris Cuomo said President Trump is content with allowing the elderly to die to restore the U.S. economy.

Cuomo said the rhetoric and actions of Trump are a reason why the United States reportedly has the most confirmed coronavirus cases of any other country.

"We have the most cases in the world. Why? Because we have a big population, there's lots of density in places, and we have major foreign travel hubs. But also because we've done the least to stop the spread. And in large part, that's on Trump. He slept on this. He lied about it. And now, he is not doing enough."

"The president should say himself what his fringe friends are saying. Have you heard it? They're OK with a certain number of the frail and the greatest generation dying off to make the economy come back sooner. Just say it. Because they're saying it for you, and your actions show the same inclination."

With Governor Cuomo's state being the epicenter of the domestic spread of the disease after local officials spent months downplaying the Chinese virus and suggesting that anyone who said otherwise was a racist, he is getting plenty of face time to make his case for emerging from a brokered convention as the nominee. 

There is now no way to dispute that there is no longer a functional media in this nation but rather a propaganda machine that acts as a mouthpiece for a Democrat government in exile. 

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That much is underscored by the media's censorship of President Trump's daily press briefings on the coronavirus which have been disappearing from the networks out of the fear that the American people will be able to get the truth without the media lies. 

If there is one positive about the outbreak and national hysteria it is that CNN has lost a huge portion of its viewership in airports where their propaganda is beaten into the minds of a captive audience. 

The corpse of American journalism has rotted and is beginning to fester and you can see it first hand on CNN.