CNN Doctor Looks Horrified As Biden Goes On 21-Second Rant Of Pure Nonsense

It’s been clear for months that former Vice President Joe Biden has lost his mental acuity, and in fact is getting worse.

In public appearances before the coronavirus pandemic rendered normal campaigning too risky, Biden was often testy, cranky, confrontational, and gaffe-prone.

But the diabolical Democrat Party establishment is sticking with Biden because a) they know they likely aren’t going to beat President Trump in the November election; and b) they don’t want to saddle any potential future Democratic candidate with a loss.

So the Donkey Party is going to ride Biden into the ground if need be, a grotesquely selfish act that is merciless and disdainful.

That said, it’s getting harder not to notice Biden’s mental deterioration.

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During an appearance on CNN, Biden’s bumbling, mumbling and stumbling was so pronounced that it took everything Dr. Sanjay Gupta had to keep his feeling of horror under wraps. And even then, his face gave him away.

As Biden attempted to discuss something having to do with production levels and the Roosevelt administration during World War II, Gupta developed a pained look that belied his perfect understanding of what’s going on with the Democrats’ presumptive nominee.

Other users were horrified that Gupta, a real-live doctor, is allowing this farce to continue.

Still others were simply incredulous.

What’s galling is that Democrats and their media lapdogs have consistently raised the specter that President Trump is the one with the mental shortcomings.

In a July 2019 piece for USA Today, three mental health experts — a psychologist and two psychiatrists — claimed that Trump should be impeached because he lacks “mental fitness.” Now, not a single one of these geniuses had ever examined the president, which is a no-no for their profession. The American Psychiatric Association has repeatedly said psychiatrists “should never provide professional opinions in the media about public figures they have not personally examined,” a February 2018 paper noted. That’s called “The Goldwater Rule” — “a guideline penned in 1973 after more than 1000 psychiatrists went public with views about US presidential candidate Barry Goldwater’s fitness to hold office, calling him, among other things, ‘a dangerous lunatic.’

Disagreeing with a president’s political policies or disliking their demeanor are not grounds for getting rid of him.

And to Gupta’s credit, maybe he is a staunch follower of The Goldwater Rule, even though he’s a neurosurgeon and not a psychiatrist of psychologist.

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Still, there are no public calls from Democrats or the Democrat-centric media even to have Biden examined by professionals. Nothing; they just keep propping the guy up and trotting him out to sound like a fool.

It’s cruel, inhumane, and incredibly self-centered. But power is more important to Democrats than doing the right thing, obviously, which would be to nominate someone else to challenge the president in the fall.

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