CNN Shifts The Goalposts; States Won By Biden To Hit July 4th Vaccination Goal

With only three weeks remaining for Joe Biden to meet his goal of a national 70 percent vaccination rate by July 4th, the ambitious target remains an elusive one.

Despite all of the money spent on propaganda, the recruitment of celebrities to sell the vaccines, and scores of freebies including lottery tickets and free beer, Biden is unlikely to hit the numbers. This seems largely due to resistance from Americans in red states.

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Last week, Joe Biden declared June to be a “month of action” to convince holdouts to line up and get “the jab” as a condition for a “summer of freedom”. This was a departure from his previous threats to cancel the Fourth Of July if Americans did not obey. Threats must have not tested well with focus groups.

But the reality is that tens of millions of Americans are skeptical about vaccines that were rushed into distribution without the standard years of testing and have not yet been fully approved by the FDA.

There is also widespread distrust as a result of the Democrats’ weaponization of the virus against former President Donald J. Trump and the politicization of a public health crisis. The revelation that Dr. Anthony Fauci approved funding of dangerous “gain of function” research at the Chinese lab that COVID may have come from doesn’t exactly bolster confidence.

Now that it looks like Biden’s metrics won’t be met, Democrat operatives led by CNN are shifting the goalposts. They are now pointing out that the magic number of 70 percent has already been reached in those states that Biden “won” in last year’s presidential election.

According to CNN, “The United States looks increasingly unlikely to reach President Joe Biden’s July 4 vaccine goal. We need at least 70% of all adults to have one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and we’re on pace to have somewhere between 67% and 68%.”

The network glosses over Biden’s failure, “The overall picture masks, however, an underlying pattern: Nearly all of the states Biden won will make his goal, while all of the states he lost are unlikely to.”

CNN then resorts to a familiar formula: blame it all on Trump, “There are zero states that Trump took last fall that have at least 67% of adults with at least one vaccine dose. The closest is Nebraska at 62.8%, which is lower than all but four states Biden won (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada).”

The self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” tops it all off with a scoop of fear by warning of a coming plague in the red states when the mysterious new Delta variant hits: “Unfortunately, the metrics may go in the wrong direction (as they are in the United Kingdom) as the more contagious and potentially more deadly variant first identified in India (i.e. Delta variant) continues to grow as a share of Covid-19 cases in America.”

“The vaccines work well on this variant. It seems at least possible that in the next few months, we could see a real divide in Covid-related illnesses between the more vaccinated blue states and less vaccinated red states.” Reports CNN, eager to rebrand the return of the seasonal flu as the Delta variant in the coming months.

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A desperate Biden has already resorted to playing the fear card over the new variant to terrify young people into lining up the shots.

The new message?

Biden really did meet his 70 percent landmark and just blame the coming wave of media-generated mass hysteria over the “variant” on those damn Trump supporters. After all, they are already the targets of unprecedented political persecution by the one-party state and its intelligence and legal apparatus. Not to mention state-controlled media like CNN.

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