“Complete Shock”: Mother Speaks Out after 17-Year-Old Son Dies from Accidental Fentanyl Ingestion

According to his mother, who recently appeared on Fox News for an interview, Zach Didier was just a normal 17-year-old high school student when she and her husband found him slumped over, dead, at his desk one devastating day.

He wasn’t a drug user and wasn’t a drinker, at least as far as they knew, he was just a normal kid.

But then, shortly after Christmas in December of 2020, Zach ingested a pill he had bought from a contact on Snapchat that he believed to be Oxycodone. But it wasn’t Oxycodone. Rather, it was fentanyl. And so he overdosed and died, another victim of the massive flow of fentanyl into America.

Speaking on his passing, she said:

This was nothing we were prepared for. Zach was a 17-year-old high school senior. He had no history with abusing drugs or alcohol. So it was a complete shock to us when he was found at his desk and passed away two days after Christmas of 2020.

When the authorities came, there were no drugs in his room. There was no injury to his body. So it was a real mystery why he would be dead. But tragically, in our county there was a large uptick in fentanyl deaths. So the coroner’s office was the first one to suggest it was fentanyl.

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And that’s what it was, with Zach’s 17-year-old body being one more added to the toll of dead wrought in the wake of cartels flooding America with fentanyl and the government’s Covid policies, which made many depressed and preceded a dramatic rise in overdose deaths, deaths many contend were results of the depression-causing lockdowns.

Zach’s mother, however, contended that he and his friends weren’t depressed, saying:

But like every child … it wasn’t out of the norm for this extreme circumstance. And all of his friends we spoke to afterward, they were like, Zach was happy. Zach was doing great. And just they’re being so blindsided by it as well.

“It just showed me what an information gap there was, and I just really want to try to fill it.”

Still, death by fentanyl is sadly far from unexpected for many. In fact, the massive level of fentanyl importation into America has reached highly problematic proportions, with one Trump-backed Republican representative even going so far as to claim that it’s now a “terrorist chemical attack”, saying:

The Biden administration has advertized and facilitated this invasion … Some of these countries are emptying their jails and prisons and sending them up here. The cartels have totally taken control of our border.

There is enough fentanyl coming over the border to kill every American multiple times over. In fact, I would say that we’re under a terrorist chemical attack. Over 100,000 of our youth died last year from drug overdoses.

“And for us, Illinois is a sanctuary state, thanks to the Democrats that are in control, and we basically roll out the red carpet for the people that are coming here illegally. And people, the regular citizens of Illinois, have had it.

The fentanyl crisis is a huge one, one that must be dealt with seriously and handled before more body bags are filled with young people like Zach.

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