Conspiracy Queen Rachel Maddow Panics Over ‘Dangerous’ Arizona Vote Audit

Democrats are in full-blown meltdown mode as their efforts to stop the recount of 2020 election ballots in Arizona have failed. The state Democrat party failed to put up the $1 million bond to cover the expenses to halt the process.

The audit has now commenced in Maricopa County, where a private vendor hired by the Republicans in the state Senate will be reviewing 2.1 million ballots in the state’s most populous county. It also happens to be the one in which there were numerous “irregularities” last November.

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Rather than enthusiastically accepting the audit they are determined to fight it, raising questions of what it is that they are afraid of. A negative finding would support Democrats’ insistence that the election was entirely on the up and up and that Joe Biden won legitimately.

One reliable leftist hysteric who is screaming bloody murder is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. You’ll remember her as one of the top purveyors of the Russian collusion hoax. During former President Donald J. Trump’s historic term in office (and when she was still getting ratings) she set new low standards for crackpot conspiracy theories.

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On Friday’s edition of “The Rachel Maddow Show”, the host condemned the Arizona recount as “dangerous” and warned of dire long run consequences: “I will tell you, this Arizona story like I said because I didn’t expect to be seeing it, covering it again tonight after we covered it last night, it is obviously strange,” she said. “It’s laughable in lots of ways but the president, former President Trump put out a statement today lauding this and talking about how this was going to reveal the truth of the 2020 election inciting a whole bunch of other states who are now also going to do this to reveal of the 2020 election and he’s still maintaining this fantasy that he somehow won and Joe Biden isn’t really the legitimate president.”

She was bemoaning a Friday statement released by the ex-POTUS stating: “The Democrats are ‘swarming’ the Great State of Arizona trying to get the Forensic Election Audit stopped, because only they know exactly what they’ve done, and they understand Voter Fraud far better than anyone. This could be Voter Fraud at the highest level. Don’t think that Arizona is the only State,” he said in one statement, adding: “Much more to come!”

Maddow continued, “What the Arizona Republicans are doing here, this process by which they are bastardizing the outcome of the actual secure election from November 2020 and they’re going to produce some results that says it was some other thing,” the clearly rattled host added, “will be used by the Trump part of the Republican party and the Trump right to cast out on the 2020 election among their most fervent supporters in a way that none of their failed lawsuits in the past have been able to do.”

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The distressed Maddow’s panic attack continued: “They got the actual ballots and they handed them to conspiracy theorists who say that you know (waving hands) that QAnon is the mastermind or whatever it is, that stopped, that they need to use to stop the steal and all, the craziest parts of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory world have the actual ballots and are going to declare that something different happened in election…in the election in Arizona than what really happened.”

She concluded, “and that will become a lie that they try to live on and build on for a long time to come, watch, this is a ridiculous story that will become very dangerous.”

If the normally smug Maddow’s demeanor during her segment is any indication, the Democrats are very, very scared. Only they know what may be found in Arizona, and it could lead other states to do what the courts refused to.

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