Covid Lockdowns Pushed Nearly 100 Million Back into Poverty

According to the World Bank, the worldwide Covid response, much of which consisted of lockdowns and other economy-killing activities, pushed nearly 100 million people back into poverty.

In a blog post, which updated its original estimates on the deleterious effects the Covid response might have, the World Bank had this to say:

[B]ecause the pace of reduction [in poverty] is similar to what we expected before the pandemic spread, the recovery taking place will not be sufficient to close the gap the pandemic is estimated to have caused in 2020. Globally, the increase in poverty that occurred in 2020 due to COVID still lingers, and the COVID-induced poor in 2021 continues to be 97 million people.  If global poverty continues to reduce at the pace we expected before the pandemic, every year there will be tens of millions of people living in poverty because of the initial fallout from the pandemic.

That’s a shocking admission from a globalist organization like the World Bank; even it’s admitting that the lockdowns harmed a huge number of people in a highly negative way. In fact,  this was the first time in two decades that the number of poor people around the globe increased.

And by “poverty,” the World Bank doesn’t mean what we mean by “poverty” in America, where many of the supposedly poor have cell phones, rotund bellies, and multiple TVs.

In this case, poverty means the grinding, horrible poverty of third world nations, where babies starve to death in the rail-thin arms of their mothers; the lockdowns pushed people just on the edge back into the hellish poverty much of the Western world escaped long ago.

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But it’s not just the World Bank painting a picture of the problem. CNN, in a rare, good article, described what that means for the people who have to suffer under the yoke of crushing poverty placed on them by the Covid bureaucrats.

That article, which tells the story of a family devastated by a factory closure that resulted from the Covid lockdowns, is highly disturbing. Thanks to fear of the Chinese flu, a 20-year-old, pregnant woman was pushed back under the heel of poverty and had to subsist on only one meal a day.

And hers is just one story. It could be replicated 100 million times thanks to the shortsighted, tyrannical acts of the Covid pearl-clutchers.

But, of course, the oligarchs have done just fine for themselves throughout the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. As CNN reports:

while it took just nine months for the world’s 1,000 richest people to reclaim their fortunes during the pandemic, it could be more than a decade before the least fortunate recover, according to Oxfam International’s annual inequality report, released in January.

Bezos, Gates, and Co. are doing just fine. The world’s poor, people who had just escaped grinding poverty and were finally living better lives, have been pushed back into the depths of hell, all because of the Covid lockdowns.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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