CRISIS BUILDS: Supreme Court Drops Crucial Cases Related To Border Mayhem

The Supreme Court continues to disappoint in their unwillingness to hear important cases, as they dropped a number of cases Thursday relating to the crisis that continues to metastasize at the southern border.

While the left continues to pretend that the border crisis is non-existent, we all know that it is very real.

Fox News reports:

“The Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed a number of cases testing the Trump administration’s plan to withhold law-enforcement grants from cities that refused to cooperate with Department of Homeland Security efforts to deport noncitizens arrested by local police.

The court, which hadn’t yet decided whether it would hear the cases, acted shortly after the Biden administration and state and city governments in New York and California jointly asked the justices to dismiss the pending appeals.

Lower courts in New York and San Francisco had reached varying conclusions on the Justice Department’s authority to withhold funds that Congress had authorized to assist local police departments.”

So it seems that the “Judicial Independence” the founders had in mind isn’t a real thing anymore. They’ll drop “controversial” cases at the request of a corrupt administration that refuses to do one of its only jobs, which is protecting the borders. What good is a separate arm of government if they refuse to hold the executive branch accountable for not appropriately enforcing the laws of this country?

Fox continues:

“The legal challenges arose at various times since 2017, when the Trump administration said it would withhold Justice Assistance Grants from local governments that refused to comply with three new conditions. Those include informing immigration agents upon request of the scheduled release of any person in custody “believed to be an alien,” allowing immigration officials access to local jails and sharing immigration status information with federal authorities.

The move targeted cities such as New York and San Francisco that have adopted so-called sanctuary policies, which limit cooperation with immigration authorities. Local officials say such policies improve public safety by increasing trust between immigrant communities and the police. The Trump administration said the cities were tolerating the presence of non-citizens who had committed crimes and posed a danger to the public.”

With the highest court in the land tucking their tails and refusing to hear cases that directly relate to ongoing and growing threats it begs the question, what other Constitutional questions will they bury their heads in the sand over?

With the Biden administration making no attempt to hide their complete contempt for the Constitution, we’re going to need the Judges that Trump appointed to show the backbone we expect from them.

With the Left in control of the other two branches of government, at least until the midterm elections, it’s time for the Supreme Court to live up to its name and duties and make some supreme decisions about the laws of this land.

Let us know what cases you’re counting on them to hear in the comments!