Cruz Takes a Stand against Fauci: “Enough is Enough”

Senator Ted Cruz, tearing into Dr. Fauci in a recent speech, had some harsh words for the gravel-voiced tyrant and the anti-liberty policies that he promotes. Tweeting in response to a Fauci quote, Senator Cruz said:

Hell no.

For petty tyrants like Fauci, they only have one tool in their toolbox: authoritarian restrictions.

Enough is enough.

Fauci, in the video that Cruz is responding to, said that America needs to be prepared to “pivot” if Covid comes back, saying:

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When the CDC came out with the modification of their metrics, saying that most of the country now is in the situation where you can pull back on masking. There was a big caveat on that. They said if, however, things turn around and you start to see a disturbing increase in cases, particularly if they result [in an] increase in hospitalization.”

“We should be prepared to pivot and maybe go back to the reinstitution of some of these restrictions regarding indoor masking when you have a congregate setting. I hope that doesn’t happen. But we need to be prepared for that.

Adding to that, Fauci added that America might need to deal with Covid on a recurrent basis, saying:

“It is conceivable that intermittently we may need to get boosted similarly to what we do when we get a yearly shot of the flu. There’s no guarantee that that will be required. But we least need to keep an open mind that that might be something that will be necessary over the next couple of years.”

So, while Fauci might have made a tactical retreat and backed down on the masks and mandates, he’s obviously holding out hope that he’ll have an opportunity to bring those back.

Cruz, as can be seen from his tweet, was less than pleased with that statement, nor with the implication that Fauci is looking for an opportunity to bring back all the mandates and powers granted him years ago when Covid first reared its ugly head.

Hopefully, however, more Americans and representatives side with Cruz over Fauci. Whether because Democrats are trying to claw back a bit of popularity before midterms or because people are just tired of Covid, mandates and rules have been disappearing across the country, a good sign for all that are sick and tired of the tyranny.

But, to keep things that way, to keep Fauci and his minions from bringing everything back as soon as midterms are over and Democrats need less political cover, Americans must vociferously side with the position advanced by Cruz.

That means not just saying that you’re done with the masks, done with the mandates, and done with listening to the gravel-voiced tyrant and his ego-stroking appearances on cable news. It means saying “hell no” whenever they suggest bringing those policies back. It means not giving in even the slightest bit when they and their minions try to limit your liberty yet again.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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