Daily Caller Asked Biden If He Supports Removing Historic Monuments. They Received No Answer.

The closer we get to actual debates between President Donald Trump and his presumptive Democratic rival Joe Biden, the more excited I get. I’m already stocking up on the popcorn.

In the meantime, Biden has finally begun emerging from his basement – just a little bit – as the coronavirus pandemic wears on, and it’s been fun to watch.


Not only has the former vice president and long-serving U.S. senator resumed his gaffe-tastic ways, but he and his campaign are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that his is the most unpatriotic, America last campaign anyone could run.

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The Daily Caller contacted the Biden campaign last week to get the candidate’s take on increasingly strident calls from a loud Left-wing minority to remove all historical references to the founding and progression of our country up until we started naming U.S. Navy ships for the first openly gay elected official in California, Harvey Milk, to naming a street after Martin Luther King Jr. in every major metropolis around the country.

So – how does ol’ Joe feel about taking down statues to Ulysses S. Grant, Christopher Columbus, Robert E. Lee, Catholic Saints and even Jesus Christ?

Who knows? The DCNF never got an answer from the Biden camp, the news site reported Friday, adding: 

The Daily Caller reached out to the Biden campaign and asked them if the former vice president agrees with the Democrats who want to tear down statues of George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt and some depictions of Jesus. The campaign was given over 24 hours to respond to the inquiry. They did not do so.

Meanwhile, other Democrats are siding with the cultural Marxist mobs who want to memory hole our history and erase all vestiges of our founding.

Like New York City Mayor Bill de ‘Virtue Signaling’ Blasio. He announced last week that that a bronze statue of the original “Rough Rider,” Teddy Roosevelt – yes, the same dude on Mount Rushmore – is going to be removed from its place at the entrance of the Museum of Natural History. 

Besides leading men in combat to fight against the colonialism of Old-World power Spain, Roosevelt was really a president modern progressives could love – for his environmentalism, if nothing else.

As Rich Lowry at National Review notes:

Altogether, Roosevelt had conserved more than 230 million acres by the end of his presidency. He established six national parks, created 18 national monuments, including the Grand Canyon, set aside 51 federal bird preserves, and designated or expanded 150 national forests.

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But because the statue in New York of this great outdoorsman, adventurer, and lover of the land features him riding a horse athwart an African and a Native American, well, that’s just too much white superiority for today’s snowflake socialists.

Thus, he must be removed, and a wimp of man who couldn’t hold a candle to Roosevelt even in his old age is performing the cowardly act.

Not that Biden has any opinion on it.