DC Officials Begin To Panic Over Massive Trump March Taking Place On January 6

To the left-wing Democrats who run Washington, D.C., protests against President Donald Trump have been welcomed and even encouraged for the past four years.

Attacks on his supporters and even members of his Cabinet have also not only been encouraged but celebrated and rewarded (See the addition of “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” complete with a street mural opposite the White House, for more details).

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Yes, when it comes to bashing and hating on Donald Trump, there are no limits, as far as DC’s radical Democrats are concerned.

But when it comes to throngs of Trump supporters – who dare to see Washington, D.C., as their capital, as well – that’s a who ‘nuther ball of wax.

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CBS News reported:

District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine is preparing for another round of protests in the nation’s capital next week, when supporters of President Trump are expected to travel to Washington to protest Congress’ certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory in the 2020 presidential election.

“My level of anxiety is high. My preparation is even more intense than that,” Racine told CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett in this week’s episode of “The Takeout” podcast. Racine is worried the far-right, white supremacist group known as the “Proud Boys” will return to the District and “pick fights, create damage, damage property, and then act in a very threatening way” towards historic Black institutions in the city like the group did in mid-December 2020.

“[President Trump] literally really has given breath, fresh air and encouragement to hate groups. Hate is up dramatically since the president came into office,” Racine added.

First and foremost, the Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, is Hispanic; he does not lead a gaggle of “white supremacists.” So like other mainstream media outlets, CBS News is flat-out lying about that.

Secondly, while the Proud Boys did clash with Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters last month, we can’t recall exactly how they ‘acted in a very threatening way to historic black institutions,’ or even what those institutions are. If Racine means the BLM street mural facing the White House, that isn’t “historic” – it was painted last summer.

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In any event, the reality here is the same as it’s been since Trump was inaugurated: Everyone opposed to him is ‘patriotic’ and ‘on the right side’ of history while all of his supporters are ‘violent racists.’ It was BS when the media and the left first claimed they were and it’s BS now.

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