Debate Moderator For The Next Presidential Debate Worked As an Intern For Joe Biden

The presidential debates are supposed to be hosted by an unbiased and fair moderator however this isn't happening in the 2020 presidential debates considering Democrats have infiltrated every system in America.

The moderator for the second presidential debate, which will take place on October 15th, will be hosted by political editor at C-SPAN Steve Scully, who just so happened to work as an intern for Joe Biden when he was a senator.


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“While attending college, he served as an intern in the office of Delaware Sen. Joseph R. Biden, and later a staff assistant in Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s media affairs office,” Utah Valley University noted.

Back in 2011, Scully was asked in an interview with Journalism Jobs, “Has the quality of broadcast journalism decreased over the past five years?”

Scully responded by hammering Fox News, stating, “I think what has gone downhill is when cable networks get caught in all the titillating news of the day when they should be focusing more on the things that are important to people, like following the money and the state of the nation. Having said that, if you’re sick and tired of watching Laci Peterson on the Fox News Channel, then you can come on to C-SPAN and understand the process that we do in following it.”

Instead of calling out the liberal fake news networks, Scully praised them.

While discussing NBC host at the time Tim Russert, Scully said, “I think Tim Russert — who is paid a lot of money to do what he does — earns his money because he works hard and he understands the process. He’s probably one of the best interviewers out there. We are seeing more opinionated journalism on Fox, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, the whole incident with Dan Rather.”

After being asked, “What will be the long-term impact on the credibility of journalists if the public’s perceived bias in reporting goes unchecked?”, Scully replied, “Journalism in general will face more credibility blows. The most important thing you have is your reputation. How people view you and the organization you work at — they’re going to see things through the prism of that. It would be a shame if we go down the path where everyone looks at The Washington Post and the New York Times and dismisses them as being supportive or critical of Republicans.”

Per the Daily Wire:

He added a criticism of CBS News, asserting, “The best thing any news organization can do is to try to maintain a level of credibility — make sure that the facts they put in the newspaper or on the air are accurate and verified. That’s one of the lessons CBS has realized. You could see the mistakes they were making every step of the way. They are going to pay a price for that.”

Scully mentioned former NBC News anchor John Chancellor, saying, “If you have a comment by a news anchor that is truly his opinion — and I personally don’t like that — you need to make sure it is clearly marked and identified. Having a John Chancellor commentary at the end of the newscast — which was still popular in the ’70s — blurs the line.”

Check out the tweet below from a very giddy Scully with Biden:

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