Dem Mayors Avoid ‘Cruel,’ ‘Xenophobic’ Accusations They Reserved for Republicans as Bus Loads of Illegals Continue to Arrive

As Texas governor, Greg Abbott continues to send bus-loads of illegal immigrants to Democrat-run cities, mayors who previously blasted Republicans for calling for better border controls are suddenly changing their minds.

Old sayings are so often accurate and no phrase could coin the Dem’s historic attitude to illegal immigration into the US than ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

All the time borders states like Texas were being forced to deal with hundreds of thousands of migrants swarming across the US-Mexico border month on month, they sat back and criticized anyone who called for action to be taken.

Biden himself vowed that “not another foot” of Trump’s controversial wall across the border would be constructed, yet even the woke Fuhrer has quietly retracted this promise and has continued to erect sections of Trump’s legacy.

The liberal mainstream media has for decades now accused Republicans of being “racist” for demanding that we take back control of our borders.

The Miami New Times said that Florida governor, Ron DeSantis’ pledge to only allow those who migrated legally to reside in Florida was “racist stuff” while left-wing paper the Guardian wrote that Abbott “echoed the xenophobic rhetoric of Trump” as he scrambled to cope with the sheer number of migrants coming into his state.

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When Trump was elected in 2016, Bowser said that DC would be a ‘sanctuary city’ for migrants, and in 2021, Adams echoed his fellow woke’s words, Tweeting:

Yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration.”

But now, as the tables begin to turn, Democrat mayors including New York’s Eric Adams and Washington DC’s Muriel Bowser have started to realize that the situation is not just a hypothetical social media cause to virtue signal over.

“We have so much video of migrants streaming across the border that would overload the servers of YouTube if we uploaded it all,” said conservative radio host, Jason Rantz.

“And what did the media do? Pretended it didn’t exist. Problem at the border? What problem? Now that the problem is hitting Democrats where they live, they’re complaining, and the media is framing their coverage of evil Republican Governor Greg Abbot inhumanely busing migrants to NYC and D.C. How laughable.”

After just 4,000 migrants arrived in DC (bearing in mind, that there were 162,792 migrant encounters by border patrol in July alone), Bowser declared a “crisis” and called in the National Guard to help.

Just 2,800 migrants who arrived from the border to NYC saw Eric Adams complain that the city’s resources were being strained and asked for federal help.

He also claimed that Abbott was bussing the migrants into the Big Apple as a “cruel publicity stunt” and denied the Texas governor’s invite to come to see the dire situation at the border for himself.

The Dems who once shamed Republicans for even suggesting that the rate of uncontrolled illegal immigration is both unsustainable and at breaking point level are now complaining that they can’t handle a few thousand turning up at their doorsteps.

But will the media shame them for complaining that they can’t cope in the same way they have done to conservatives for decades?

“If big Democrat-run, sanctuary cities that previously welcomed illegal immigrants can’t handle them, shouldn’t the media cover the burden of small towns in Texas and Arizona trying to get a hold of the situation?,” questioned Rantz.

“The double standard here is typical but still pretty loathsome.

“No wonder so few people trust the media.”

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