Democrats And Their Operatives Circle The Wagons To Protect Embattled Fauci

fauci wallace

The walls are starting to close in on Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and Democrats along with their operatives have intensified their efforts to defend him. This in spite of evidence that he is far less than the titan of public integrity that he has been portrayed as.

The gleam of Fauci’s halo began to come off when he was subjected to the first serious line of questioning since the COVID crisis erupted. Senator Rand Paul put him on the spot about his approval of funding for dangerous “gain of function” research at the Chinese lab that the virus may have come from.

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Unlike his coddling by the media, the squirming Fauci was knocked off balance by the Kentucky Republican. He forced the longtime head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases into perjuring himself, then things took a turn for the worse.

The release of thousands of Fauci’s emails from the early phase of the mass hysteria over the coronavirus showed that he is a two-faced, double-dealing career bureaucrat. He was more concerned with sabotaging President Donald J. Trump and covering up his role in the experiments at the Wuhan Institute Of Virology. Being an honest broker of information during an unprecedented public health crisis was apparently too much to ask of the corrupt doctor.

The elfin health official is now under intense fire from critics and congressional Republicans are calling for investigations. Unsurprisingly, Democrats embarked on their mission to save Dr. Fauci who was given a chance to defend his lies on MSNBC with former Bush spokeswoman Nicole Wallace.

Fauci also appeared on MSNBC on Friday’s edition of the “Rachel Maddow Show” where he misrepresented questions about Wuhan and his emails as “attacks” by his political enemies. He flatly stated that all the accusations are simply lies.

He also claimed that the “attacks” on him were really attacks on science. “…really very much an attack on science,” he said, “the thread going through what’s happening now is very much an anti-science approach.”

The “science” like every other institution in this country has been perverted by Democrat party politics that in the long run will only serve to further discredit the so-called experts. This leads to increased skepticism of the federal government and its agencies.

Fauci pandered to Maddow’s audience by suggesting that HIV-AIDS vaccine was on the horizon, shoring up his status as a liberal demigod with an activist demographic that fully mobilized against Trump.

Dr. Fauci also got some help from Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, the man who let his mask slip exposing a liberal hack during the first presidential debate. You’ll remember him as the one constantly interrupting Trump at key stages to protect Biden.

According to Wallace, “I’ve read reports and read through a number of the e-mails. There’s no smoking gun there that indicates that Fauci had any reason to believe this had came from… the Wuhan virology laboratory. I’ll answer the question, even though Jen Psaki wouldn’t — this is highly political. I can promise you. You’re seeing it as a major talking point from Republicans. I think that when Donald Trump speaks tomorrow night in North Carolina, you’re going to see him go after Fauci.”

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On Thursday, Trump issued a statement asking “What did Dr. Fauci know about ‘gain of function’ research, and when did he know it?,” further adding fuel to the firestorm that is about to engulf Joe Biden’s top medical adviser.

Biden insists that he still has faith in Fauci and Dr. Jill will be hitting the road with him over the weekend. They’re embarking on a public relations campaign to promote her husband’s drive to get shots into the arms of 70 percent of Americans by July 4th. However, it may not be enough to save him; especially if more emails come out.

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Democrats and their lackeys can claim that questions about Fauci are just politics and their fierce campaign to defend him ironically prove that is exactly the case. However, he is so crucial to their overall narrative of the weaponizing of COVID for political means that he must be protected at all costs.