Democrats are Willing To Provoke Riots To Win Elections

As the Democrats strive to prevent losing the House of Representatives and get ready for the next presidential election, they intentionally sow conflict among the population in order to boost support for their candidate since people know that calm will eventually return after the election. A case in point is Kathy Griffin’s highly cited assertion: “If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want a Civil War, vote Republican.” They believe that if they convince voters that keeping the Democrats in power is necessary for peace, they will be able to swing the election in their favor.

For them, a violent riot by people wearing MAGA hats is the ideal outcome, so they appear to be plotting actions that will seriously instigate these citizens.

Conservatives often view political parties as being analogous to rival but otherwise comparable sports teams, with the belief that all it takes to win is a few more points.

In any case, the parties are diametrically opposed, and history demonstrates that Democrats consistently pursue their agenda unless Republicans have a super majority. The truth is that they are as different as day and night or right and wrong.

To maintain human slavery, Democrats fought a bloody civil war within the United States in the past, murdering hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers supported by Republicans.

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Their recent legislative filings demonstrate support for abortion up until or even after the moment of birth. Democratic Party members have revealed their true nature by demonstrating the evils of slavery and infanticide.

The assumption that the two political parties are substantially different and that Republicans are generally the good guys is supported by the fact that there is a strong correlation between crime and voting maps, with Ds showing up in high crime areas and Rs showing up in low crime areas.

That’s why political parties are just groups of people working together to do good or evil deeds, and how the bad never stop assaulting the good while the good is mainly passive and only reacts when severely pushed.

The first stage toward criminal charges was the unusual raid of President Trump’s house. For the Democrats to arrest the former president and parade him in front of TV cameras, they need a provocative event to incite usually subdued Republicans to riot. It’s plausible that agents hauling him to prison would claim he grabbed the wheel and forced them to fire dozens of shots in self-defense. Alternatively, he could hang himself in solitary confinement after the surveillance cameras stop working and the guards are asleep.

The Democrats are your ideological opposite; they probably won’t think as you do, so don’t criticize them for going too far. And they’re sending a clear message that violence is what they want, as when Kathy Griffin posed with a fake severed head of Donald Trump. In public appearances, Biden warned Republicans that the government possesses fighter jets and nuclear weapons. Republicans have said it looked like hell to them when President Biden gave a recent speech complete with red lights and military men and the words, “I ran for president because I believed we were in a battle for the soul of this nation.” The tone was sinister, the message was ominous, and the red illumination made him look like the devil, so it all had a distinctly Satanic air.

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