As tensions rise in Cuba and fed-up citizens take to the streets to protest against the Communist tyranny that has left their country in shambles following decades of rule by the Castro brothers, Democrats have come up with a way to blame the unrest on the Republican Party’s No. 1 presidential contender in 2024, if Donald Trump sits the election out.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“…[B]ecause the American left is sympathetic to communism, including often bragging on Cuba’s decrepit, failing healthcare system, the responses have been muddled,” notes Bonchie at Red State.

“While the Biden administration has signaled support for the protesters, they’ve tried to make the pandemic the primary reason behind the clearly justified unrest. That’s lunacy, meant to downplay the hardships Cubans actually live under, partially caused by policies Democrats otherwise promote, though the brutal dictatorship part of all this is obviously the most devasting aspect,” Bonchie added, referencing a silly tweet from a ranking State Department official over the weekend claiming that it’s really COVID-19 that pushed Cubans over the edge, not soul-stealing authoritarianism.

“But the stupidity didn’t stop there. Because the social justice movement is easily the most narcissistic movement in modern history, believing that everything revolves around their non-existent oppression, Democrats took to social media to decry…Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis?” Bonchie continued.

@GovRonDeSantis made this type of protest illegal in Florida. He wants to silence dissent because he fears accountability,” tweeted Steve Simeonidis, chairman of the Miami-Dade County Democrats.

Just. Wow.

“Talkers are out on this and they’re.. not good. Why stand with the people of Cuba marching for freedom when you can twist yourself into a pretzel for a weak dunk on DeSantis? And comparing these protests to looting Apple Stores is ALSO quite the strategery,” GOP strategist Matt Whitlock noted online.

It makes literally no sense at all to blame this on DeSantis — and certainly, the popular GOP governor never signed legislation banning the First Amendment, which is what he would have had to have done to ‘stop protests like the one in Cuba.’ No; DeSantis signed legislation criminalizing riots and mobs stopping motorists in their tracks while they wail on their vehicles and drag drivers out onto the streets to beat them.

It makes no sense unless, of course:

— You’re just trying to damage DeSantis any way possible;

— Your party fears his candidacy for president.

“As I said, this is peak narcissism, where elected officials who are facing no hardship whatsoever are literally trying to appropriate the very real struggle of the Cuban people to whine that they can’t burn down Target stores and mob vehicles. The combination of ignorance and privilege being expressed is a sight to behold,” Bonchie adds.

Meanwhile, sane political leaders in the U.S., to include Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, pointed out another obvious truth: Cubans waiving American flags are anathema to Americans who disrespect their own flag.

“Protestors in Cuba and Hong Kong seem to love the American flag more than some of our Olympic athletes,” he wrote on Twitter Monday.

“Cubans are protesting communism in their country by waving the United States flag in their streets. Don’t tell Colin Kaepernick,” Outkick founder Clay Travis added.


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