Good! Democrats Want To Force Their Candidate To Quit Race For Her Racist Remarks About White People

After supporting the president who accused half of the nation of racism, the democrats in Carolina are trying to save face and pretend to have a clean record. Of recent, they are compelling the party’s senate candidate, Senator Krystle Matthews, to drop out of her senatorial race against her republican opponent, Senator Tim Scott.

This development comes as a shocking recording of the democratic senatorial candidate was exposed. The representative could be heard making racist remarks about White people in this recording. That much is expected as anti-White racism is the new normal in Biden’s America.

Project Veritas also released a video of the representative in a restaurant with a democrat undercover operative. In this video, Matthews mentions that she, unfortunately, represents a district that is “mostly white” as a state representative. She also adds that she is more or less babysitting these white people and keeping them under her thumb, so they do not “get out of control.”

In another part of the video, Matthews advises the operative that the only way to demand respect from white people is to treat them like shit.

Her words were, “My district is slightly Republican, and it’s heavily white. I’m no stranger to white people; I’m from a mostly white town. And let me tell you one thing. You oughta know who you’re dealing with, like — you gotta treat them like s***, like I mean that’s the only way they’ll respect you.”

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Reports from the Associated Press revealed that Matthews admitted that she was the one speaking in the recording. However, in a typical democrat fashion, Matthews condemned Project Veritas for its very accurate reportage as she claimed the activist group was a “satirical MAGA Powered news outlet.”

Several top Democrats, including Joe Cunningham, the gubernatorial nominee and also state Rep. Justin Bamberg, immediately slammed Matthews for her remarks in the clips.

Bamberg said, “If any of our white counterparts had said the same thing with regards to blacks, the minority community, including myself, would be up in arms calling for that member’s immediate resignation.

State Sen. Brad Hutto added, “When candidates of either party start making irresponsible statements, beyond what party they’re from, they need to reevaluate their candidacy, and that’s what needs to happen here.”

Furthermore, the chairman of the state’s democrats, Trav Robertson, asserted that Matthews was king herself, a distraction to other Democrats and ruining their chances on the ballot. He added that she should “focus on her getting reelected to the (state) House of Representatives” and forget about the Senate.

Other recordings of Matthews were also revealed. In one, she discussed using “dope” money to fund campaigns and also mentioned using “secret sleepers” to infiltrate the state’s GOP.

She said, “This is the only way you’re going to change the dynamic in South Carolina. You’ve got to find some folks that are a little bit polished, maybe are not, you know, nobody really knows them that well. Maybe they haven’t been really politically active, but we need some secret sleepers. Like we need them to run as the other side even though they’re for our side. And we need them to win.”

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