Dems Worry About Losing Minnesota After Trump Supporters Outnumber Biden Backers at Duluth Campaign Dud

Again, we keep seeing anecdotal evidence that President Donald Trump is moving towards another monumental win in November, despite what the polling firms who lied to all of is in 2016 continue to say to the contrary.

Minnesota has been a reliably blue state for decades – since 1972, to be exact when 49 of 50 states reelected President Richard Nixon. 


But then-GOP nominee Donald Trump nearly won it in 2016, losing by a point-and-a-half to the perpetually criminally implicated Hillary Clinton. And this time around, Trump may actually flip the state into the ‘red’ column.

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Not only have Minnesota residents watched the near-destruction of Minneapolis since May in horror, but the Democrats who run the state are becoming increasingly unhinged as well. When they aren’t screaming racial obscenities at teenage girls in the suburbs, they are threatening to take away funding from police departments – even as rioting and looting remain prevalent.

All in all, that’s not much of a winning strategy for people who, generally speaking, support law and order (and playing by the rules).

In September, CNN traveled to a reliably blue stronghold in northern Minnesota and found scores of voters who had been reliable Democrats but who are planning to cast ballots for Trump this time around. 

He’s our guy,” said the mayor of one small town that historically votes Democratic. 

And this week, more evidence that the state is slipping away from Democrats and toward Trump was seen at a lightly attended event for his rival, Joe Biden, where supporters for the president far outnumbered supporters for the former vice president.

The Washington Examiner notes:

Democrats are concerned that a groundswell of support for President Trump outside of Minnesota's Twin Cities may be enough to win him the state over 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Biden, the former two-term vice president and 36-year Delaware senator, visited carpenter apprentices and other union workers near Duluth on Friday, his first trip to Minnesota in more than 1,000 days, according to the Trump campaign.

Yet, despite his team releasing scant details about his itinerary, even to the local press, Republicans outnumbered Democrats at Hermantown's Jerry Alander Carpenter Training Center, worrying those who are opposed to Trump clinching a second term on Nov. 3.

Tommy Moe, 65, a retired miner, said he believes the race will be close again in his state. But he also recognized there is a substantial 'enthusiasm gap' between Trump and Biden voters, with the former far more energized than the latter.

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"We didn't have a very good turnout," he said. "If the Democrats don't get their act together and start getting as fired up as the Republican side is ... we need a turnout. Democrats win if they turn out."

Nick Trainer, Trump 2020 battleground strategy director, lauded the campaign's "unprecedented ground game" for putting Minnesota in play.

"Joe Biden, who finally decided to visit the state after over 1,000 days, is leading the charge with promises of a $4 trillion tax hike and his own job-killing 'Green New Deal,'" he said. "Minnesotans are looking for a leader who will protect their jobs, rebuild our economy, and deliver the Great American Comeback — that’s President Trump."