Dennis Rodman Attempting What Biden Couldn’t Do: Free Brittney Griner

Did anyone have “Dennis Rodman to Russia” on their 2022 bingo card? Yea, neither did I.

As if we didn’t already know the end is near, what with woke culture, men becoming women and women becoming men, teaching kids’ sex, and Joe Biden in the White House, now we have a new sign from above!

Yep, Dennis Rodman is going to Russia to free Brittney Griner. Or at least try. It may be recalled that Rodman famously went to North Korea and palled around with Kim Jong Un during the Trump administration, even going as far as to ease political tensions between the two countries. Yes, that Dennis Rodman. The same one that dated Madonna.

These are strange days, folks! Let’s check Breitbart for the weirder than life details:

With Joe Biden having failed completely to free WNBA star Brittney Griner from her Russian cell, the Biden administration has given the okay to former NBA player Dennis Rodman to head to Russia and try to win her release.

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I’ll give everyone a minute to digest that. Ok, done.

Dennis Rodman is going to try to do what Joe Biden couldn’t. If Rodman is successful securing the release of everyone’s favorite Soviet, Brit Griner, could we perhaps put Rodman in charge of our energy policy?

Or maybe boot rear admiral Pete out of his role as Transportation Secretary. Dennis Rodman is the man for the job!

“I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl,” Rodman told NBC News. “I’m trying to go this week.”

I have a hunch Dennis was going to go whether he got permission or not. Likely he TOLD sleepy Joe that he was going to go “help that girl”. What’s Biden going to tell him? No?

While Griner’s sentence was typical by Russian standards of those handed out for low-level drug possession, it appears outrageous to many Americans.

For his part, Rodman has tried to position himself as a sort of unofficial ambassador to dictatorships such as North Korea and Russia. He has visited North Korea several times and has also praised Russian strongman Vladimir Putin as “actually cool.” In 2018, Rodman even claimed that the Trump White House thanked him for helping to ease tensions between North Korea and the U.S.

Look, I’m going to be honest and maybe it sounds harsh, but I couldn’t care less whether Griner is freed or not. She hates America, she broke Russian law, let her do the time.

However, I want Rodman to be successful for one main reason. To embarrass the Biden administration. What would it say about Joe Biden and his standing in the world’s eyes if Dennis Rodman were able to accomplish what he couldn’t?

Russia wouldn’t even answer the phone or return a call for the weeks Biden was dangling the gun runner Viktor Bout, so for Rodman to walk in and come back with Griner would be delicious irony.

Half of America (Democrats) need to see what the world and the other half of America already know; Joe Biden is a laughingstock on the world stage and completely feckless and ineffective as a leader.

Perhaps then the aforementioned half of America can begin to understand how badly they messed up.

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