DeSantis Steps Up AGAIN; This Time, He’s Targeting China

A new survey from Rasmussen Reports has found that, by far, most GOP voters like former Vice President Mike Pence.

In fact, the survey notes, 69% of GOP voters have a favorable opinion of the former VP. That seems to portend well for a 2024 presidential for Pence, doesn’t it?

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Not so fast: The same survey found that overwhelmingly, Republican voters are much bigger fans of former President Donald Trump and his policies. Asked who the Republican Party should most be “like,” 64% of GOP voters said Trump, while 24% chose Pence.

Clearly, the former president’s ‘America First’ agenda is far more popular with Republicans than any other brand of ‘conservatism’ being promoted by any other potential 2024 GOP candidate — all of which helps explain Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ increasing popularity.

Because he is putting Floridians — and the country in general — first, and he proved that, again, on Tuesday.

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Newsweek reports:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Monday that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic and signed laws that thwart foreign influence across the state. …

On Monday, DeSantis signed two bills aimed at preventing CCP from influencing Florida’s educational institutions and from committing corporate espionage.

The bill would ban CCP-sanctioned partnerships, like the Confucius Institute, which facilitates cultural exchanges, and any other direct deals between foreign governments and Florida’s universities and colleges.

The second bill DeSantis signed would make theft and trafficking of trade secrets a criminal offence under state law.

“Today, the State of Florida is taking a stand against communist dictators and bad state actors. We will STOP CCP INFLUENCE in our education system and government by going on offense,” he wrote on Twitter, ahead of comments he made during the signings.

“I really hope that we’re going to have accountability for the origins of the COVID pandemic because this just did not need to happen,” DeSantis said at a press conference. “The Chinese Communist Party is primarily to blame, but there’s also American money that very well may have flown to Wuhan.”

“The first bill that I signed today safeguards our public institutions from undue foreign influence and that means prohibiting agreements between public entities and the Communist Party of China or Cuba or any of these malignant forces,” he said.

“Anyone who willfully, without authorization, steals or attempts to steal a trade secret and uses it for their own benefit will now face a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison,” he added.

“The [World Health Organization] is in the pocket of the communist party of China. They basically were having everybody look the other way,” DeSantis went on. “The idea was to try to whitewash the role of the CCP in this virus and it wasn’t just WHO, it wasn’t just bureaucracies. You saw the academic community largely circle the wagons and defend the CCP.”

He also lashed out at left-wing critics of voter ID laws like the one he signed and the one passed in Georgia earlier this year, and who still take money from China.

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“If you’re somebody that will light your hair on fire because Georgia is requiring voter ID but yet you’re lining your pocket with money from China and not a peep about the slave labor that’s going on over there, you, my friend, are a hypocrite, and you’re not somebody that should be taken seriously,” said DeSantis.

Voters are flocking to GOP leaders who put them and their states and our country first. The evidence is overwhelming.

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