DESPERATION: Fauci Warns Of New COVID Variant To Scare People Into Getting “The Jab”

There is big trouble in Washington as Joe Biden’s mission to get 70 percent of the U.S. population fully vaccinated by July 4th has been met with stiff headwinds by those who remain hesitant to take “the jab.”

The elusive goal is now looking like it won’t be met and enticements like free beer and lottery tickets aren’t doing the trick. Now the regime is going back to the well and using fear to terrorize holdouts into submitting to Biden and getting vaccinated.

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On Tuesday, Biden’s scandal-tainted top medical adviser Dr. Anthony S. Fauci warned that those who have not been injected had better do so. This time because of the “Delta Variant” that was first identified in India and has spread to the U.K. putting jolly old England’s planned “reopening” in jeopardy.

“We cannot let that happen in the United States,” Fauci said, raising the specter of renewed restrictions on Americans if Biden is denied a political victory.

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According to Fauci, “It may be associated with an increased disease severity, such as hospitalization risk compared to ‘Alpha,’” referring to the Chinese virus that has now been given a Greek number designation so as to not offend anyone.

He added, “Fortunately, two doses of the Pfizer vaccine and AstraZeneca appear to be effective against the ‘Delta’ variant. There’s reduced vaccine effectiveness after one dose, however, and I’ll get back to that in a moment,” he said.

Fauci delivered his remarks during Tuesday’s White House COVID-19 task force briefing.

While the media can be relied on to terrorize Americans and to continue to treat Fauci like a man of great integrity, the truth is that the career bureaucrat has squandered his credibility with a large percentage of the nation. First with his flip-flopping and lying to Congress about funding dangerous research at the Chinese lab that the virus may have originated from, and then came the release of his damning emails.

The blatant politicizing of COVID by Democrats and their operatives to push their extremist agenda has also shorn him of the widespread legitimacy that he previously enjoyed.

Biden also played the fear card, urging young people to get their shot over the mysterious new variant that unlike the original, is more likely to infect them.

Last week, Biden announced a national “month of action” as the final push begins to meet the magic number so he can declare victory over COVID. This is a crucial matter for a man who ran on the pretense of being better suited to handle the virus than former President Donald J. Trump.

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But then the Washington Post admitted that Biden is unlikely to deliver on his metrics as those who were eager to receive the injections have already done so. Those who haven’t are now dug in on their reluctance due to wariness about vaccines that were rushed into distribution without the normal years of testing.

According to the WaPo, “Health officials have already reached the low-hanging fruit – those people who absolutely want to get vaccinated without you telling them anything,” and that “Polls have found that about one-third of Americans have no immediate plans to get vaccinated, with some holdouts saying their skepticism has intensified over time…”

With desperation in the air, it is probably only a matter of time until fearmongering is replaced with threats and bullying by Biden. He may even threaten to cancel the Fourth Of July which he has already hinted at.

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