Don Lemon Launches ANOTHER Attack On Trump Supporters; “Living In Fantasyland”

Without question, CNN host Don Lemon is one of the most ineffective ‘journalists’ on television.

He’s arrogant. Smug. Lacks self-awareness. And he is so convinced that he’s the only one with the facts on everything he is incapable of grasping reality.

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But what’s really’s really offensive is his hubristic dismissal of anyone who disagrees with his version of the truth (we can’t say ‘facts’ because he doesn’t deal in those). Those people are rubes and idiots incapable of engaging in higher brain function, as he demonstrated again Tuesday evening while interviewing former Ohio governor and 2016 presidential RINO candidate John Kasich.

The Daily Caller has more:

CNN host Don Lemon said Tuesday he didn’t think it was possible to redeem some supporters of former President Donald Trump and that they could “enjoy” themselves living in their “fantasy land.”

Lemon was joined on his broadcast of “CNN Tonight” by former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich and discussed with him how some Republicans and Trump supporters are “not living in reality” and that it was “impossible” to reason with them.

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“How do you reason with unreasonable people, John? I think it’s impossible,” Lemon stated. “I think asking sane people to try to reason with people who are not living in reality is quite a tall order, and I’m not quite sure if it’s fair because no matter how many times you tell them the election wasn’t rigged, no matter how many courts you send it to with Republican judges, with Republican electors, they still won’t believe it.”

Lemon was talking about the vast majority of former President Trump’s supporters who believe that documented, factual instances of voting irregularities cost him reelection.

“First of all, there are people that have — that left Donald Trump on Jan. 6, and they’re never going back. Secondly, the Republican Party has got to be careful because they’re shrinking. They are a shrinking party in this country,” Kasich said. “And in addition to that, Don, not all the people who supported Trump were your traditional Republicans.”

The former governor and RINO congressman went on to say that some of Trump’s supporters who have concerns must be heard and responded to.

“We can’t lose our temper, Don. We can’t shut them off. Some of them are gone. I agree with you on that. But not all of them are gone. And some of them I think we can pull back by showing them facts … I’m as frustrated as you are, man,” Kasich added.

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Lemon said essentially, ‘hey — not my job to redeem or judge folks.’

“I don’t know they want to. I don’t believe that they want to. I think they like living in the world they are living in and so be it. Let them live in that world. I think people on the same side should galvanize together and keep living in reality,” Lemon concluded. “If they choose to come over, fine. If not, enjoy yourselves in living in your fantasy land.”

This, from a guy and a network that, for years, pushed 2016 election conspiracies including the ‘Trump-Russian collusion’ hoax.

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