Euthanasia: A Socialist Dream to Eliminate Poverty

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It seems that Canada is out to prove that point with the latest bill on euthanasia. Bill C-7 March 17th, 2021, would amend the Criminal Code to repeal provisions which requires a person to be terminally ill before they’re allowed to be euthanized. This by itself is pretty dastardly but it gets worse. Since 2021 Canadian law has allowed the rich and the poor to kill themselves if they believe they are too poor to continue living with dignity. In fact, the Canadian state will even pay for them to be killed, however it will not pay to help them become productive enough that they can live with dignity. Dignity is such a subjective word. How do you determine if someone is living such an undignified impoverished life that they should be allowed to murder themselves at the state’s expense?

This slide down into this dystopian nightmare started in 2015 when the Supreme Court of Canada had reversed a 22-year ban on assisted suicide. When they did this they completely dismissed fears that ruling elite would eventually slide down into homicide against the vulnerable. The year after that, parliament had enacted legislation which allowed euthanasia, but only for those that were terminally ill. Then in 2021, bill C7 change the euthanasia law and did not require that someone be terminally ill. Now someone must only be suffering from an illness or disability which they cannot relieve under conditions they considered acceptable. There was no waiting period, no requirement for independent witnesses that living this way was undignified, and in fact, no way to hinder a person from euthanasia. So if you had your leg cut off due to diabetes and you don’t want to wear a prosthetic, the state can now medically assist you in dying for free. This is also known as taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities and murdering them.

Canadians that would otherwise prefer to live but were too poor to improve their conditions soon discovered this law. Canada among other industrialized countries has some of the lowest social care spending. Palliative care is only accessible to a minority of people and wait times for the public healthcare can be unbearable to the point where that same Canadian Supreme Court that legalized euthanasia had declared these waiting times to be a violation of the right to life in 2005. Previous to bill C-7 being enacted, there were reports of nurses and medical ethicists trying to coerce people into killing themselves by threatening to bankrupt them, kicking them out of the hospital or withholding water from them if they were in hospital. Every disability rights group in Canada opposed bill C-7 but to no effective outcome.

Since this bill has come into effect things have only gotten worse. A woman in Ontario was forced to be euthanized because her housing benefits did not allow her to get better housing which didn’t aggravate her allergies. She was literally murdered by the state because she had allergies. Another woman applied to die because she could not afford to keep on living. Euthanized due to poverty. Let that sink in a moment, a woman was given a euthanizing drug for free from her government because she was too poor to keep paying to live. Why don’t they just line up the poor people and start shooting them point blank in the head at this point? What’s the difference? Is it a kinder gentler type of democide?

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Another sought euthanasia due to COVID related debt, left her unable to pay for treatment which kept her chronic pain bearable under the socialist government that supposedly takes care of everyone. Disabled Canadians got $600 in additional financial assistance during COVID but university students got $5000. At least in America everybody got the same amount based on how many people were in their family. One family went to the side of a 35 year old disabled man who had resorted to euthanasia. When they came to the care home he was living in, they encountered urine and feces on the floor, and an inability to walk without getting their feet stuck to the floor. I wonder why he decided euthanasia was better? We all wonder why euthanasia would be better than that right?

The Canadian government insists that its euthanasia bill is all about individual autonomy, but it has also kept its eyes on the fiscal advantages. Before bill C-7 was enacted, the parliamentary Budget Office published a report about how much it would save. The report stated a net cost reduction we create a net additional savings of 62 million per year. So they intend to eliminate poverty by killing everybody who’s poor right? Healthcare is expensive even in socialism. Chronic conditions cost millions per year but, a suicide is only $2327 per case. So the state benefits because they don’t have to pay for chronic conditions anymore which can be 10s hundreds more than the cost of the euthanasia pill.

The Canadian public broadcaster in 2020 reassured Canadians there is no link between poverty and choosing to be euthanized. Interestingly enough no one has revisited this publicly.

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