Fading Biden Plunges To Fourth Place In Iowa - Poll

Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign continues to sputter with just over three weeks to go until things get real. 

On February 3rd the primary season officially kicks off with the Iowa caucuses, a critical early test for Biden who while still the media favorite, has been unable to shake off tenacious socialist Bernie Sanders. 


Biden has spent much time in the Hawkeye State from the "No Malarkey" bus tour that resulted in much mockery over the outdated term and continues to hit the hustings in the rural areas that will decide the winner. 


However, whatever Biden is doing isn't working and according to Iowa's top newspaper, lunchbucket Joe has now fallen into fourth place behind Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete. 

Via The Des Moines Register, "Bernie Sanders leads the Iowa Poll for the first time, just weeks before the Iowa caucuses":

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders leads the Democratic field three weeks ahead of Caucus Day in Iowa — narrowly overtaking his closest competitors, who remain locked in a tight contest just behind him.

A new Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows 20% of likely Democratic caucusgoers name Sanders as their first choice for president.

After a surge of enthusiasm that pushed Pete Buttigieg to the top of the field in November, the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor has faded, falling 9 percentage points to land behind both Sanders and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Warren is at 17%; Buttigieg, 16%; and former Vice President Joe Biden, 15%.

“There’s no denying that this is a good poll for Bernie Sanders. He leads, but it’s not an uncontested lead,” said pollster J. Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co., which conducted the poll. “He’s got a firmer grip on his supporters than the rest of his compatriots.”

The poll of 701 likely Democratic caucusgoers was conducted Jan. 2-8 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

The poll underscores both Biden's continuing troubles to break out from the pack but also the determination of Bernie's die-hard loyalists who would march through the gates of Hell itself in order to bring about their leader's socialist revolution. 

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Biden has often been his own worst enemy as he constantly trips over his own tongue, garbles facts and names, often drifts off into a fog of senility and has engaged in a number of angry exchanges with Iowans including calling one retiree fat and a damn liar.

Like Hillary in 2016, there is a lack of enthusiasm for Biden and the sparse attendance at a recent event even earned Barack Obama's ex-veep mockery from filmmaker Michael Moore who is already predicting Trump's re-election. 

Not exactly a good omen for Biden and a signal that Iowans aren't going to slog through the snow, slush and bitter cold for a man who unlike the vigorous Sanders, sleepwalks through campaign speeches. 

A loss in Iowa could be big trouble for good ole Joe who is unlikely to win in New Hampshire when the Granite State holds its primary a week later right in Bernie's back yard. 

If indeed Biden crashes and burns in both key bellwether states then it will be South Carolina or bust where a loss could send donors scrambling for the exits.