Fauci Whines To Chelsea Clinton; Claims He’s Victim Of ‘Phenomenal Amount Of Hostility’

Now that he has been exposed as just another dishonest Washington bureaucrat, Dr. Anthony Fauci is lashing out at his critics in a blitzkrieg of appearances on leftist media outlets.

Fauci’s hypocrisy and blatant lies were exposed when he was smoked out by Senator Rand Paul, who hammered him over his support of dangerous “gain of function research” at the Chinese lab that the virus may have escaped from.

With Fauci’s false image taking a major hit as even the media was forced to admit the possibility that the virus originated from a lab, he was further battered by the release of over 3,000 pages of his emails, many confirming that he is far from the figure that he has been portrayed as.

For what he lacks in honesty, Fauci more than makes up for in public relations savviness, and he quickly played the victim card. Then, in an interview with former first daughter Chelsea Clinton, he whined about how mean that people are being to him.

Fauci moaned about the unfairness of being held accountable in this week’s edition of “In Fact with Chelsea Clinton” where he found a sympathetic ear in a political ally.

When asked by the host on how public trust in “The Science” and vaccines could be rebuilt, he responded; “That is not gonna to happen easily, Chelsea. I think that we may have to find ways and that’s a complicated issue, as you well know, probably better than I do. It’s a complicated issue of how you heal the differences and the hostility,” said Fauci.

Fauci added; “I mean, I’ve been the object myself of a phenomenal amount of hostility merely because I’m promoting what’re really fundamental simple public health principles” he said. “That seems astounding that that would generate a considerable degree of hostility, but it is, it is.”

What Fauci neglected to mention is that he is one of the primary reasons why so many now distrust the so-called “experts” and the experimental vaccines that they are relentlessly pimping, having to resort to bribery and coercive tactics to get “the jab” into the arms of Americans and deliver a political victory to Joe Biden.

He also positioned the U.S. as the global leader in vaccinating every human being on the planet.

According to Fauci; “We’re not going to be safe on this planet until the pandemic is controlled globally, so right away, it is not necessarily a lesson but almost a mandate that we really need to help the rest of the world as a rich country to get this under control.” He said.

Fauci continued, “Because if there’s still viral dynamics somewhere, even if we get this under really good control here there’s always the danger of variants which then would make our protection somewhat tenuous,” an idea that will have his Big Pharma his buddies in Big Pharma high-fiving over the coming profits.

Biden, who is currently on a European tour, announced that U.S. taxpayers would be footing the bill for 500 million doses of the vaccine to be distributed to the world.

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With the hysteria beginning to subside over the virus and Fauci’s time in the limelight ticking down, the next big thing for Democrats is fearmongering about “variants” that could conceivably prolong COVID forever.

There is NEVER going to be an end to COVID, it is far too beneficial to the agenda of the globalist left and the Democrats to not make the crisis permanent.