Female Inmates Speak Out on the Horror of Being Locked Up With Male Criminals

Women in prison are being subjected to a cruel form of punishment. It does make sense that when a person commits a crime, they suffer the penalty for that crime, but we have for a long time understood it to mean that the punishment should fit the crime.

Does it make sense that a woman, who may not be a violent criminal, should be locked up in a cell for 24 hours with a grown male violent criminal? Because that is what is happening, all in the service of the religion of gender ideology.

The Daily Wire reported that “former and current female inmates from liberal states like California and Washington are speaking out about gender laws which allow biologically male inmates who identify as female to share prison cells with them.”

The article also recounted how one woman shared a cell with men who allegedly sustained a “full erection,” and that many of the women in these prisons are victims of past sexual assaults, so they are feeling the need to arm themselves for protection.

These women spoke to Abigail Shrier, the author of the book “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” a book which received much anger and backlash from liberal circles for highlighting the problematic effects of the gender ideology on young girls.

In Washington state, which has a similar law, one male inmate who transferred into the women’s prison was a serial killer of women. “They might as well go ahead and start dropping the women off at San Quentin or Pelican Bay or one of the hard-core men’s prisons,” Ms. Griffin said. She added that women inside the prison are looking for ways to arm themselves. “They made it into a more of a war zone, to me, because I know women who are like, ‘I refuse to live with a man, and if I have to make me a prison knife to defend myself, then I’m going to do that.’ . . . I mean, you know how strong men are. Imagine one woman trying to defend herself against this big ol’ man, and the men coming in, they are like 6-foot-5, 6-foot-6, 300 pounds. These men look like Hercules compared to these little women. Can you fault the woman for actually trying to defend herself?”

Amie Ichikawa, a former intern who spoke to Shrier explained that Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla does not separate inmates based on severity of crimes, given that women’s facilities are less violent than men’s facilities. This means that in these progressive locations, where men can identify as a woman, they get placed among women who might be there for non-violent crimes. Why are we supposed to take the word of a violent criminal and place them in a women’s facility just because they say they feel like a woman?

“We’re all mixed together,” Ichikawa said. “The people who’ve murdered their children are in the same room as the people who’ve stolen boxers from Walmart.” Shrier noted that the former and present inmates she spoke to said “female guards at Chowchilla are as upset as the inmates by the law, recognizing that men are far more violent.”

In her Wall Street Journal article, Shirer noted that these crazy California conditions could eventually go national:

Crazy California laws occasionally go national. Take SB 132, which took effect in January. It allows transgender-identified male state prison inmates to transfer into women’s prisons based on “individual preference”—no hormones, surgery or time spent living as the opposite sex required. Spokeswoman Terry Thornton of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation says 264 male prisoners have declared a nonmale identity and formally requested transfer to women’s facilities.