Democrat Fetterman sat on board who helped free suspect accused of murder

Fetterman’s health and fitness for office are not the only things Pennsylvanians should be worried about. Other than the stroke Fetterman suffered early this year which has left him in a terrible state, it is clear that the democrat also completely lacks what it takes to make good decisions for the state as a senator.

The democrat has been completely blinded by ridiculous liberal agendas, which have destroyed his moral compass, making him completely unable to differentiate what is right from wrong. If a man cannot tell the difference between what is right and wrong, how is he expected to make good decisions to benefit the people if he eventually becomes a senator? He will become another burden for the People of Pennsylvania to bear.

At least, Fetterman knows he has nothing good to offer the people of Pennsylvania. That is why he has refused to debate Oz and is trying to cunningly manipulate his way into the Senate without taking the proper step.

One of Fetterman’s displays of misguided reality was when the then-lieutenant governor voted to free a man who allegedly hacked another man to death. The murderer, Charles Zeke Goldblum, allegedly stabbed his victim 26 times with a garden shear till he was satisfied and convinced that his victim was dead. Goldblum did not stop there as he later allegedly attempted to hire another person to eliminate his accomplice, Clarence Miller.

According to reports, Goldblum and Miller allegedly lured their victim, who was identified as George Wilhelm, to a parking garage. As Wilhelm got to the scene, Goldblum allegedly attacked him with his spear and stabbed him 26 times. He was later arrested and released on bail, and the first thing he allegedly did was hire a hitman to kill his accomplice, who ratted him out to the cops. Police reports also added that the reason for this alleged murder was to cover up an insurance fraud Goldblum and Miller allegedly committed.

Goldblum pleaded innocent several times and continually appealed his case, which the appeals court rejected as the judge and prosecutors asserted that too much evidence proved Goldblum was allegedly guilty of this murder.

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Free Beacon reported, “Goldblum, who has maintained his innocence, was poised to die in prison, having unsuccessfully appealed for clemency seven times. But in 2019, Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons, which Fetterman chairs, voted unanimously to release Goldblum from jail, overriding the wishes of Wilhelm’s family.”

The justice in this pardon is only understandable by Fetterman and his Board, who released an alleged murderer into the streets without evidence to prove that he was not guilty. Fetterman even celebrated his ridiculous decision as he announced that he was “happy that he’s going to be going home to his family.”

Goldblum did not remotely convince anyone that he was not guilty as charged, but Fetterman assured the people of Pennsylvania that Goldblum was “not a threat to public safety.” At the time Fetterman made this decision, he had not suffered from a stroke yet, as that could have been an excuse. However, the situation is entirely different now, and the people of Pennsylvania have a chance to run for their lives before the headline begins to feature the state as one of the crime-infested democrat states in the nation.

CORRECTION 9/29: As stated on Times of Israel, Charles “Zeke” Goldblum spent almost 45 years in prison, but maintained his innocence and applied for clemency related to the alleged murder. Goldblum was ultimately granted commutation by former Governor Wolf. Fetterman sat on a board that voted on issues, but it was not put into legal status until Gov. Wolf signed off on it, per report: “Gov. Tom Wolf signed a commutation for Goldblum, who had been serving a life sentence for the murder of George Wilhelm. A commutation of a life sentence means a reduction of the sentence to life on parole. Wolf also signed commutations for 12 other clemency applicants serving life sentences. “These 13 individuals have served time for their crimes and deserve now a second chance,” Wolf said in a prepared statement. “They now have a chance to begin a life outside of prison that I hope is fulfilling for each of them.”

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