Fighting CRT: Florida Bill Would Allow Video and Audio Recordings in Classrooms

It’s hard to kick CRT out of the classroom if you have no definitive proof of what the teachers are saying; without video or audio evidence, it’s the teacher’s word against the student.

To rectify that and help fight back against the cancer-like spread of CRT into every aspect of life, Florida Rep. Bob Rommel just proposed a bill in the Florida legislature that would allow video and audio recordings in classrooms.

Reporting on the provisions of the bill, WFLA said:

It would allow school districts to install video cameras in classrooms for the purposes of recording an “incident” — which it defines as abuse or neglect of a student by an employee or another student.

Parents of a child involved in an incident must be allowed to review the video within a week, with a stipulation that the identity of other students who aren’t involved must be blurred.

[…]Parents, students and employees would have to be notified before cameras are installed.

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And that’s not all. In addition to allowing for audio and video recordings, the bill, HB 1055, would force teachers to wear microphones so that they can be heard and would allow parents to watch “incidents” of concern to ensure that their sons and daughters aren’t being indoctrinated by woke teachers.

The video and audio footage would be the responsibility of the principal, who would need to keep it for three months or until the conclusion of any investigation to which the footage/recordings are relevant.

The idea is not a new one. It has been proposed by Mark Levin and other conservatives, all of whom are deeply concerned about what is being taught in the classroom.

But, while the idea isn’t novel, the attempt to actually implement it is a significant first step toward getting CRT out of the classroom.

It remains to be seen if the Florida legislature will pass the bill. However, given DeSantis’ focus on taking down CRT, it’s certainly possible that Florida will take a dramatic step to kick CRT out of its classrooms.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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