FLASHBACK: Rush Is Left Speechless After Caller Says He Deserves Reagan-Like Funeral

In May of 2017, Rush Limbaugh was left speechless when a caller told him that he deserves a Reagan-like commemorative when he passes away.

Keep in mind, this occurred three full years before Rush was even diagnosed with cancer.

The caller, “Patrick” from Ohio, broke down in tears on the air as he told Rush how much he means to him.

“You know, I haven’t talked to you in a long, long time,” the caller said while choking up.

“Um, I’m gonna lose my composure, and we’re not looking for you to go anywhere for a long time, but when that day comes, you’re gonna need to have laid plans for a Ronald Reagan-type commemorative,” the caller said.

It will be one the saddest day of my life when you go,” he added as he tried to hold back tears.

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“Wow,” Rush responded.

“I’m sorry. I’ve listened to you since I was about 19, and you’re an inspiration,” the caller continued.

“You’re one of the few people that I would have that sentiment for. So I apologize. I’m losing my composure there. Thank you for everything, Rush,” the Ohio caller concluded as he sobbed on air.

“Patrick, thank you for calling. I appreciate it,” Rush began to respond, contemplating the weight of what the caller just told him.

“They told me on the other side of the glass he was crying. I could tell. Um….Man, that’s…Whoa. Well, the only thing I can tell you is that I’m not envisioning that day. Shew! That’s deep. That I need a Reagan-like event, and that he’s going to cry. That’s… Damn. Let me take a brief time-out. I don’t know quite how to react to it,” Rush added, clearly speechless.

Listen to this breathtaking moment below (video will automatically play at 1:14:36 when the caller makes his remark):

Little did Rush know that just under 4 years later, “that day” would arrive. We can only hope that this caller, Patrick, will always cherish the time he got to spend on the air with Rush that day.

On Wednesday evening, President Trump joined Sean Hannity to pay tribute to the great conservative icon.

“Rush loved this country, and he loved his wife,” Trump told Hannity.

The 45th President also reminisced on the great times he had golfing with the radio legend.

Watch the entire interview below:


If you’d like to be reminded of El Rushbo’s light-hearted sense of humor, look below for some hilarious flashbacks from his television show in the 1990’s.

Watch below:

Do you realize how frustrating it is for me to have been so right, for so long, about everything that’s happened,”

“I know that I am so good at this that I make it look easy. Many of you sitting at home think that you can do this too…you can’t,”

What a burden it is to be right so often but I’ll gladly carry it,”

What a truly great man Rush was.

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Comment below with your favorite memory from the radio legend…

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