The first lady of Florida, Casey DeSantis, has joined the forefront of her husband’s reelection campaign, targeting the female population of Florida. In June, the First Lady launched an initiative campaign that she dubbed “Mama for DeSantis.” The primary motive behind this initiative was to encourage women of voting age in Florida to come out and vote.

The First Lady, through this initiative, reached out to women in Florida, explaining to them that their children are the future of the state and they must be protected. She noted that choosing to come out and vote for who can protect these children better and ensure that they get to reach their full potential is a necessary step they have to take.

They know that DeSantis is the candidate who truly cares about the children’s education and future, seeing how he has been protecting and fighting for their rights so far. However, they cannot assume he will get reelected if they do not go and cast their votes and show support themselves.

The First Lady’s mission was successful as she rallied the women of Florida to come out united to support DeSantis’s campaign. At one of her “Mamas for DeSantis” events last month, women dressed in bright-coloured outfits as they supported and hailed DeSantis.

The women of Florida united to show their support to the First couple and admitted that DeSantis truly is the best person for the state. When questioned by the media, the women noted that they were concerned about democrats trying to destroy their children’s lives with their agenda.

They expressed concerns about the progressive content being taught to children in democrat-run schools and the gender identity topic imposed on their children. They added that they are also aware of the crime rate in democrat-run cities because of this progressiveness, and DeSantis offers protection against all of that menace.

The Floridian women said they want a lawmaker who will allow their children to remain children by protecting their innocence and not what is widely practised by democrat-run cities. They added they want a lawmaker who understands that parents are in charge of their children’s upbringing and does not teach their children otherwise. Most of this recent anger by these parents is in reaction to Terry McAuliffe’s assertation that parents should not have a say in what schools decide to teach their children.

One of the women said, “I think the worst mistake that this president did was to mess with us women, with our children. Because we as a women, we say, ‘You don’t mess with our children. These are my children, and we fight for them.'”

The governor once said, “Florida is the place where woke goes to die. We are not going to let this state descend into some type of woke dumpster fire. We’re going to be following common sense, we’re going to be following facts.”

DeSantis is also well known to be against gender ideology being introduced to children. He has also pushed for the Parental Notification Act, which eliminates all improper classroom discussions about sexual identities or gender ideology taught to children.

Casey DeSantis said, “It was just an atrocity for what a lot of folks did to those kids,” she added, “and I am so proud of the governor to stand strong with no vax mandates and no mask mandates from the beginning.”


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