Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Makes Big Announcement About New Tour

TAILYR IRVINE | Times Ron DeSantis announces plans to invest in Florida workforce programs at Tampa Bay Technical High School on Jan. 30, 2019 in Tampa, FL. DeSantis says he wants to take Florida from 24th in the nation to first in workforce preparation.

One of the rising stars in the conservative movement, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, has announced that he’s all set to embark on the DeSantis Education Agenda Tour, which will launch this coming Sunday, and will have stops in Miami-Dade, Sarasota, Volusia, and Duval counties.

According to a Newsmax report, here’s what the DeSantis Education Agenda will include:

Keep schools open and reject lockdowns
•Educate, don’t indoctrinate
•Ensure parental rights in education and keep woke gender ideology out of schools
•Support robust civics education
•Expand workforce development and technical education
•Reject the use of critical race theory in the curriculum
•Increase teacher pay
•Continue support for school security and mental health initiatives
•Protect the right of parents to petition school boards and districts for redress of grievances
•Guarantee the right of parents to curriculum transparency

This is a huge deal. DeSantis has proven that he truly, genuinely cares about the students in his state, fighting for them not to have to be exposed to teaching concerning sexuality and gender identity issues while they are very young, as well as working to ensure they aren’t taught to hate each other and look down on one another because of their skin color, something that would be taught through critical race theory.

DeSantis’ education platform is what should be discussed whether or not you’re in Florida or elsewhere around the country. Every state needs folks to stand up and start pushing this kind of agenda and stop progressives from destroying our children and the opportunities they have for a brighter future.

“DeSantis-endorsed school board candidates have pledged to run on the DeSantis Education Agenda. DeSantis said he endorsed those candidates because he is committed to student success, parental rights, and curriculum transparency, which all start at the school board level,” the report said.

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DeSantis then went on to say, “These pro-parent, pro-student local school board candidates are committed to the DeSantis Education Agenda. Parental rights, curriculum transparency, and classrooms free of woke ideology are all on the ballot this election, and it starts with school board elections.”

“Florida’s school boards need members who will defend our students and stand up for parental rights and will ensure Florida’s children are protected from woke ideology in their classrooms,” DeSantis added. “I am proud to stand by each of them.”

The education platform that DeSantis has developed has seen quite a bit of criticism in the state of Florida. Earlier this year, in February, the governor signed into law the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act, which means his opponents began to refer to it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The bill itself places a prohibition on providing instruction concerning sexual orientation or gender identity to kids who are between kindergarten and third grade. The law officially took effect in July.

DeSantis has also been leading the charge of banning critical race theory from classrooms, as noted above, though CRT is not officially a part of the curriculum in public schools in the state. The Florida Board of Education gave the ban their seal of approval.

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