Fmr Democrat Adviser Sounds Alarm, Says Biden ‘Struggling Physically’ a National Security Concern

A former Democratic advisor turned is sounding the alarm this week about Joe Biden’s current state of health and how he could be a national security threat.

During an interview on Eat The Press, Dr. Naomi Wolf — who served as a political advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton — said she believes Biden is “struggling physically” and it could be a danger for the U.S.

“As Americans, we would be remiss not to notice that this is a man who is struggling physically, and our national security kind of depends on our being grown-ups,” Wolf said.

She said that “when a very elderly president is struggling physically, it’s an important national security concern” that we all should be able to discuss “without partisanship.”

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Wolf also discussed her regret voting for Biden, noting the serious “erosion” of First and Fourth Amendment rights under his administration.

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“I was so eager to have to see the end of the Trump era that I hoped for better decisions,” she said. “What I have seen is a complete erosion of First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights.”

In what she terms “bio-fascism,” Wolf expressed concerns regarding the far-reaching implications of curbing freedoms during the current pandemic.

“The President of the United States has no right whatsoever under the Constitution of the United States of America to tell anyone where they can go or whom they can see or to say anything about what you do in your private home,” she said.

“I’m incredibly concerned that we’re at kind of step ten of the ten steps to fascism that I identified in my book The End of America and that it’s under the guise of what I call bio-fascism that this pandemic has been used as an excuse to suppress everyone’s liberties and to really usher in a totalitarian state,” she stated.

And, for good measure, she also went after Donald Trump by calling him a “racist” who “minimized” sexual assault.

“You know there was no right answer for this election,” she said.


Back in November, Wolf expressed regret voting for Biden due to his support for lockdowns in his efforts to combat COVID-19.

“If I’d known Biden was open to ‘lockdowns’ as he now states, which is something historically unprecedented in any pandemic, and a terrifying practice, one that won’t ever end because elites love it, I would never have voted for him,” she wrote.

The current president’s questionable health has been a subject of ongoing concern for many.

Last month, conservative pundit Dan Bongino, who is also a former Secret Service agent, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that his sources inside the agency are telling him Biden’s mental state is deteriorating to the point it is becoming more than just a little problematic.

Bongino noted that Hannity was spot-on when he mentioned something about Biden’s mental status and the Democratic House lawmakers’ request and asked, “Is there something Democrats aren’t telling us?”

The former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer went on to recall how, before the November election, he had been told by agency sources that Biden’s mental acuity was rapidly deteriorating.

“Not a joke and not hyperbole – I’m hearing from people close to the situation that Biden’s cognitive decline is rapidly worsening and is becoming increasingly difficult to mask. The Democrats are going to have to make a decision soon,” Bongino tweeted (his account is no longer live).

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Bongino said it gave him “no joy in saying this and I mean that: [Biden] is in real significant trouble. And listen to me — everyone around him, everyone knows it. Everyone knows it. This is the scandal — that they’re not telling you how bad his condition is.”

“It’s not a mystery. It’s the worst-kept secret in the White House,” Bongino said, adding that Biden’s only in his second month in office.

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