Former NY Times Reporter On The Trump Movement: ‘Most Serious Populist Repudiation Of Elite Opinion Since Andrew Jackson’

Former NY Times reporter Alex Berenson has spent most of the year challenging the fear-based mainstream coronavirus narratives, but on Sunday evening he gave an incredible summary of the Trump movement that everyone needs to see.

Berenson perfectly laid out the case for why the “Trump movement” is the most fierce populist repudiation of elite opinion since Andrew Jackson.

Here’s his entire thread. Make sure to it from start to finish:

Look, I don’t know if President Trump wins or not – the polls say one thing and the rallies say something else, and it feels like it’s going to be close either way – but this is already the most serious populist repudiation of elite opinion since at least Andrew Jackson. 

Remember, in 2016 the elites thought Trump was a joke. They didn’t think he could possibly win and they treated the election that way. This time they are treating him as a deadly threat, and practically EVERY center of gravity in the United States is aligned against him.

Not just conventional media and Hollywood and the social sciences, as in 2016, but big technology companies/social media, non-profits, the physical sciences and medicine, which have been relatively non-partisan, and most shockingly much of the national security community.

And yet, despite all of this, and despite the efforts to frame the Coronavirus as an end-of-days plague, and despite now running at a big fundraising deficit to Uncle Joe (as he did to Hillary Clinton) Trump is clearly in striking distance. People are FED UP.

Here are Berenson’s original tweets for reference:

Are you ready to shock the world again, folks?

Get out there and vote Trump on November 3rd!

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