Former State Attorney General Warns About Mail-In Voting, Recalls Ballots ‘Piled Up In Trash Cans’

Democrats are pushing strongly for a vote-by-mail system in all 50 states ahead of November’s crucial elections amid the coronavirus.

But one former state attorney general is sounding the alarm about how this would be ripe for fraud and corruption because he has seen it first hand.

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During an interview on Fox News with host Tucker Carlson, former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt back President Donald Trump’s concerns about mail-in voting.

“This is the game. It’s about winning elections and gaining power and here in my swing state … you are seeing videos of thousands of ballots that are piled up in apartments and trash cans and in hallways. And this is all because we are doing our first mail-in ballot election in the history of our state all under the cloak of the pandemic,” he said.

Laxalt was asked about Twitter placing a warning label on one of Trump’s tweets for the first time, maliciously claiming that “fact checkers” say there is “no evidence” that mail-in voting would increase fraud risks.

Laxalt says that claim is not true and that he has seen fraud from mail-in voting firsthand.

Laxalt warned that Nevada has expanded mail-in voting during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been sending absentee ballots to inactive voters.

“Inactive voters, 200,000 of them were mailed ballots all across the greater Las Vegas area,” he said, “and we have no way to know if these are going to lead to massive voter fraud, and they continue to sue to get rid of signature verifications and to enact the California-style ballot harvesting right here in Nevada.”


This could be a disaster, according to at least one expert.

Government Accountability Institute research director Eric Eggers says the Democrats’ plan for nationwide mail-in voting would send ballots to 24 million inaccurate and flawed voter registrations.

Eggers said nationwide mail-in voting would be wide open to fraud and abuse.

“The concern I have if we’re trying to mandate national mail-in elections — which by the way was part of the language that Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats inserted in the first version of the most recent stimulus package — would be that we have such massive problems with voter rolls in this country,” Eggers said. “So, now, are we going to be mailing ballots to people that authentically don’t exist and or are ineligible voters?”

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“You’ve got these paid political machines whose job it is to manipulate or to capitalize on those errors … the other problem I’d have is another part that was mandated in the Democrat-version of the stimulus bill which would be the legalization of … national ballot harvesting,” Eggers said.

“Democrats are so concerned about the necessity of social distancing but by legalizing ballot harvesting, you’re literally sending in many cases young potentially asymptomatic carriers of the [coronavirus] to the homes of these vulnerable populations including the elderly and the infirm who we all know are more susceptible to the virus,” Eggers continued.

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