Four Stories That Were Considered ‘Misinformation’ Until They Weren’t: Here’s What We Know

You could watch it happen in real-time like clockwork: Anything then-President Donald Trump said, the lamestream media and hack pundits on the left would automatically deem it a lie, a falsehood, a major helping of cattle dung.

Only, while Trump was prone to some embellishment, most of what he did claim turned out to be spot-on, no matter how kooky or crazy it sounded at the time.

Like when Trump would brag about creating “the greatest economy” in the country’s history. In terms of historical performances, he didn’t…but there is no doubting the economy under his policies and leadership was extremely good.

Or when he said he brought illegal immigration to its lowest levels ever. Not quite, by some metrics, but again, his immigration enforcement policies led to one of the lowest levels of illegal immigration in our country’s history. And so on.

Then there are statements that Trump made which were first labeled “misinformation” by the social media behemoths and mainstream media ‘fact-checkers’ only to now be widely accepted as either true or entirely possible.

Per the Daily Caller, here are four:

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The Lab Leak Theory

For months after the coronavirus began its spread, Democrats and media talking heads alike dismissed the possibility that the virus could have leaked from a research laboratory like the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

They ripped Republicans such as Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and a precious few others (including Trump) who said that explanation made the most sense (and remember, Trump had access to all U.S. intelligence on the issue, as president). Nevertheless, the notion was dismissed as fringe conspiracy talk.

Remember these losers?

Now, that ‘fringe’ theory has become universally accepted.

Russian Bounties on American Soldiers

Just a few months before the 2020 presidential election, the media began to circulate a report suggesting Russian officials secretly placed bounties on the heads of American soldiers — effectively paying the Taliban to execute Americans.

Even pre-White House press secretary Jen Psaki chimed in, among others, to rip Trump for ‘doing nothing’ about this…because ‘Russian asset!’

“But some six months after the election, the story changed dramatically. A new statement from Biden’s White House said what former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said from the beginning: that the intelligence community did not have high confidence in the information,” the Daily Caller reported.

This was after the Washington Post gave Trump “four Pinocchios” for calling the story “fake news.”

Hunter Biden’s Laptop

The New York Post — and a number of people who shared the Post’s exposé on Hunter Biden — found themselves at least temporarily suspended from Twitter. The reason, according to Twitter, was that the story revealed personal information and was considered to be the product of “hacked materials” — in spite of the fact that the Post did not appear to have published anything resulting from a hack.

Months later, we know:

— There is a lot more on that laptop that is damaging;

— The FBI had it for nearly a year before the 2020 election and sat on the info;

— No one from the Biden clan has ever refuted any of the information that has been reported (especially those photos of Hunter Biden and his crack habit);

— Much of what was initially reported has been substantiated;

— The ‘Russian hacking’ theory was debunked by the Intelligence Community in the final weeks of Trump’s term.

“Just after the election, however, outlets like NPR that had dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop story as ‘not really a story,’ suddenly reversed course,” the Daily Caller pointed out.

Russian Collusion

Democrats and the media spent the better part of Trump’s first three years in office trying to make the Russian collusion narrative stick — and Democratic California Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell claimed to have direct evidence of that collusion.

Trump denied this lie six ways to Sunday and for years, and now finally, everyone knows he was right.

“Media outlets accused Trump of lying when he claimed senior members of former President Obama’s administration spied on his campaign — but those concerns turned out to be legitimate,” the Daily Caller reported.

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