Fox News Analyst Says Trump Went to Ginsburg Ceremony 'To Get The Boos'

Americans have historically been cynical when it comes to politics and the actions of our political leaders, but these days our cynicism appears to no know bounds.

Take President Trump’s decision to honor the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Thursday.


The president, whether or not he agreed with Ginsburg’s left-wing judicial activism, nevertheless appeared to want to pay his last respects to her, which was the right thing to do. After all, just imagine what the outcry from the leftist media and his usual detractors would have been had he skipped the ceremony. Remember, this is a president who can't win either way with the lunatics stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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So for showing up and paying his respects, the president gets booed by some of the most inconsiderate boobs you’ll ever run across. And for good measure, some people shouted, “Vote him out!”

Now for the ‘we’re so cynical’ part.

During an appearance on Fox News, political analyst Chris Stirewalt actually said the only reason Trump showed up, most likely was so he could get booed and then use it to his political advantage.

“I don’t know why he went,” Stirewalt said. “He didn’t go to John Lewis’ memoriam. He wasn’t there for that stuff. And for good reason. Right? These people don’t want him there. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s folks don’t want him there. It’s going to be an ugly scene.”

“I guess, he’s the president. He can go where ever he wants,” he continued. “And he has security so that he can go do it. But you just wonder what the political calculation was here in going to a place where you know you will be received poorly, going to a place where you know the folks there don’t want you to be.”

Stirewalt added: “Maybe it’s to get the boos. Maybe that’s the idea. But you can see the intensity that Democrats feel about Ginsburg, about this seat, about this election, about Trump.”

Wow. That is cynical.

First of all, Lewis, a civil rights icon to be sure, never really seemed to get over the civil rights era. He was one of many black leaders who continually characterized the president as being a racist and a bigot; we're pretty sure most Americans wouldn't want to go to a funeral where the vast majority of people in attendance share that similar, albeit incorrect, view of them.

Secondly, a Supreme Court justice is different altogether. They serve independently of congressional majorities and regardless of which party controls the White House. After all, wasn't it Chief Justice John Roberts who pushed back against the president a couple years ago for referring to a federal judge as an "Obama judge?"

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"Independent judiciary!" 

Ginsburg did, in fact, offer some uncharacteristically public rebukes of Trump, but he seems to elicit those kinds of responses from a lot of people who, traditionally, keep their mouths shut about presidents (like former presidents -- except Barack Obama, of course).

And of course, there is the fact that his left-wing nemeses are angry that Ginsburg passed in the first place and that it's going to be Trump and Republicans who name her successor.

But again, if Trump had not gone, he would have been lambasted for that, too. Because this president couldn’t win if he cured cancer tomorrow. Or coronavirus.


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