Fox News Host Smears Trump, Says ‘He Can’t Process’ That He Lost To Biden

Fox News reporter Eric Shawn blasted President Donald Trump after his interview with Maria Bartiromo about the election and the alleged fraud that occurred across the country.

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“It’s not like you’re going to change my mind. In other words, my mind will not change in six months. There was tremendous cheating here,” Trump told Bartiromo.

After playing a clip of Trump’s comments to Bartiromo, Shawn said Trump: “can’t process that someone who he thinks is so inferior to him won the election.”

Shawn slammed Trump for “not providing” any evidence and claimed “his campaign has failed to prove any of this in court” and that even administration officials have debunked his allegations.

“In fact, your government, election officials, experts, and others — many of them Republican, including Trump-appointed officials — say that the president’s claims are false and unsubstantiated,” Shawn said.

Shawn concluded the segment by arguing that Trump seems incapable of accepting reality and acknowledging Biden’s convincing victory.

“It seems that we have a president who, he can’t wrap his brain or mind around the fact, he can’t process that someone who he thinks is so inferior to him won the election.”


Fox News has abandoned its conservative base and gone all-in for Biden.

Over the weekend, host Jedediah Bila said Trump has a “responsibility” to concede the election to Biden.

“With great power comes great responsibility to say ‘You know what, in the process is done. This is the verdict. Let’s move on,’” Bila said. “That’s going to be up to him. A lot of supporters look to him for that guidance, (and) I think they’re reacting that way because of what he is saying.”

“(With) everything brought to the table, is a large segment of the population going to believe it was simply stolen or rigged simply because the president is saying so? So at some point, it’s gonna be incumbent upon him. It’s gonna fall on him,” Bila added while talking about recent polls that show a large number of voters believe that the election was stolen from Trump.


Bila’s comments came as a number of Trump’s lawyers and surrogates continue to wage a legal battle in several key swing states in which they allege widespread fraud took place. The fraud, they claim, robbed Trump of a second term in the White House.

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But that didn’t stop Bila from criticizing that process, as she insisted that Trump’s lawyers, so far, have failed to bring about the necessary evidence that would change the outcomes of any states that Trump lost.