Fox News Sent Out 500 Ballots To Test Reliability Of Mail-In Voting. Here’s How Many Didn’t Reach Their Destination

In order to test the reliability of mail-in voting, Fox News tested 500 ballots which were mailed to NYC, LA, Dallas, Miami and Chicago.

Of the 500 ballots mailed, 11 didn’t make it. 9 of those 11 are still missing, nowhere to be found. The other two were returned to sender.

From Fox News:

Fox kept track of exactly 500 envelopes that were sent by producers in the New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Dallas metro areas. Out of that 500, 11 failed to reach their destinations.

Now you might be thinking 11 failed ballots out of 500 isn’t bad. However, that is a 2.2% failure to deliver rate.

Seeing that over 32,000,000 mail in ballots have already been sent in, you’re looking at over 700,000 ballots that won’t be counted!

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The Democrats have scared their voters into relying on mail-in voting, but that plan could totally backfire. Imagine hundreds of thousands of rejected votes for the Democrats in an election where every vote counts?

Conversely, President Trump has instructed his voters to cast their ballots in person if at all possible. The reliability of in-person voting vastly outweighs that of mail-in.

This election could very well turn into a trump landslide if all of these factors converge at once. 

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