Geraldo: Hunter Biden Is A ‘Parasite’ Who Will Taint His Father’s Presidency

Now that the election is over and the Supreme Court could be the last barrier to the installation of Joe Biden, the media can no longer ignore the scandalous conduct of the former veep’s slimy son. 

In a coordinated effort to suppress information from the public that could have swung the election and neutralized fraud, big tech, and media suppressed the damning story about explosive material on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

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The New York Post bombshell was censored by social media platforms and Twitter even suspended the account of one of the nation’s oldest newspapers but there was just no way to keep a lid on the exploits of the younger Biden forever. 

The veil of silence was pierced on Wednesday when the corrupt, philandering, recovered crackhead himself issued a statement confirming that he is currently under a federal investigation over “tax affairs” stemming from his dealings with China. 

As good old Joe from Scranton once famously remarked after the passage of Obamacare, “this is a big f**king deal,” so big that were it not for the complicity of the media in the cover-up, he wouldn’t be putting together a White House transition team. 

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Once Hunter released his statement, even CNN had to cover it and the prospect of the potential 46th president’s son being investigated by the feds had many in the media bemoaning the malodorous stench that already permeates a Biden administration. 

Fox’s Geraldo Rivera was saddened that the investigation would suck the wind out of the sails of the backdoor restoration of the Obama regime and denounced Hunter as a “parasite” who’s been “sucking the blood off of his father’s official duties,” harsh words that serve as an exclamation point on a huge scandal.  

Transcript excerpt via Grabien:

“The shadow, the dark shadow of this, of his son’s troubles will definitely take the luster off a lot of the Biden — the beginning of the Biden presidency. He’s in real trouble. You know, hearing stories about Chinese business people leaving jewels under the pillow in his hotel and other undeclared income like that, you know, it’s going to be big and bad for Hunter, it’s going to embarrass the President-Elect, and this will taint, I think, the beginning of the 46th President’s term in office. This is a very big deal. I’m glad the father still loves the son because this son is a screw-up, he’s been a screw-up his whole life. He’s cut corners, he’s taken money that he didn’t earn from coast to coast, from continent to continent, and now it seems the — you know, it’s all come — the chickens have come home to roost there, Jesse.”

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The news of the federal investigation has ripped the lid off of a Pandora’s box of illicit activities, influence peddling, and corruption involving the Bidens, a clan that President Trump has likened to a crime family. 

Even though Biden the elder has been faced with declining mental capabilities making him little more than a frontman whose carcass was dragged across the finish line by a thoroughly corrupt and debased media, his 47-year political career is a testament that crime does pay. 

Worse for lunchbucket Joe and his media cheerleaders? 

The Hunter Biden story has the sort of lurid details including adultery and sexual perversion that will give it legs and regardless of how much they want to protect the president self-elect, it will be hard to refuse the windfall of ratings and clicks that  it could bring for months on end. 


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